Champions League, yer having a laugh!

I’ve often found with this game that any modicum of success results in a massive failure elsewhere. Auxerre are definitely struggling to burn the candle at both ends, as Champions League commitments take their toll on our league form, whilst the season back home ticks along in a more familiar manner.

The good news first – we’ve successfully made it through the group stages!

auxerre qualified

The bad news…

CL QF 0102

Any draw at this stage is tough – the repeat of last season’s final looks particularly tasty.

On the domestic front though, we’ve lost that winning habit, and we’re stuck in midtable. Look at Marseille though, flying away with it. Blanc has failed badly at PSG. The thing is, the club get £250k for even drawing a CL match, £750k for winning one and £1m for getting through a knockout round. Finishing 2nd in Ligue 1 netted me £335k. It’s a no brainer which one I need to prioritise.

ligue 1 top 02

In worse news, my mate Nev is broken

nev injury

I’ve signed Bakayoko to fill the gap but it’s nearly bankrupted us. This one’s for you, Erik

CL QF 02

Benfica, Benfica, Benfica, Benfica

CL SF 02


Back on the domestic front, I am begging for a move back to the Premier League but nobody has been sacked, typically. With results like this being thrown up though, I can’t wait to get back there

boro 8 - villa

Steve Simonsen, PFA Player of the Year & young player of the year is on the move. Remember Steve, I made you who you are!

simonsen to leics

There’s a rush on for ex-Man Utd youth but now established England international John Curtis

JC to Villa

In the cups, Villa have another League Cup Final, this time against Gordon Milne’s Chelsea

LC final 02

Whilst the FA Cup is reaching the vital stages, Man Utd have really got the lucky draw there out of the possibilities!FA Cup QF 02

They are however on course to retain their title, and could still take home a treble.

prem top 02

Meanwhile at the bottom, there’s nothing too unusual to report, the bottom 3 made up of two of the promoted clubs. I’m hoping, of these clubs, that Leicester sack O’Neill, but we’ll see.

prem bottom 02

It is of course a World Cup summer, so hopefully that’ll cause some movements or there’ll be some retirements. Hoddle has landed on his feet though with a very favourable draw.

WC 02 eng group

As ever, we’ll round up the season in the next post before a World Cup special. Until then though, thanks for reading.

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