Marching on Together – Part 3 | @RossBell1984

Ross is crawling to the end of the season with Leeds. He started out with such high hopes but now the question is, can he keep his beloved Leeds in the Premier League? Catch up with part two here.

Here we go then, will i see out the season as Leeds manager? Will we maintain Premier League football? read on to find out.

Newcastle 4 Leeds 1 for the second time this season. Goals from Batty and Speed just feel like the game is having a laugh now

Leicester arrive at Elland road and leave with all 3 points in one of the most comfortable games of football I’ve ever witnessed via text

Away at 5th in the table Blackburn….. Just get me to the end of the season PLEASE!

1-1 It’ll do.

I decide to switch formation to the classic 2-3-1-2-2 which lets not forget won me this summers CM97/98 Cup (see I am ok at this game) and we proceed to beat Villa 3-1 (insert head in hands emoji here ) if only I’d thought of this earlier!

5 games to go. This is fine

Chelsea away for what feels like the 5th time this season Zola notches his obligatory 2 goals against us before Lampard, who seems to like scoring against Chelsea (maybe he hated them all along?) pulls one back before obviously we still lose.

Arsenal next, you know the rest.

3 to go, starting with Bolton. Jimmy has been something of a disappointment this season but somehow has 16 goals. 3-0 win, why can’t it always be like this.

2 left and 18th place Barnsley are up next, a win here and we are safe….
0-0. Cool.

1 game to go then, Barnsley take on mid table Crystal Palace whilst we play 19th place Wimbledon, oh good.

Here we go then, this website is used to seeing saves from people who are good at this game. Welcome to the new world order.

And with a bore draw we are safe, I’ve progressed a few weeks and I also still have a job and we’ve been “awarded” £6m for the 17th place finish.

To round everything else up Man U won everything else.

The following images present a stark future, things have to change big time this summer!

My thanks to Ross for a hugely entertaining season. Negotiations are underway for a second season once therapy has completed. In the meantime, you can follow Ross on Twitter @RossBell1984

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