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Good day to you! It’s been a while but our good friend Nikolai has been doing such great work with tactics I felt obliged to give one the full test and analysis. What are we testing?

The MW, as it is known, has a few variations but this is the one we’re testing for now. When we did all the previous tactics tests, available here, we decided the acid test was trying to unseat Manchester United in the first season. Fergie’s men are typically winners by a fair margin in season one so if we can get anywhere near them, it’s a good indicator.

We’ve picked Liverpool as they have a large collection of DM’s and the fire power to compete. It is however quickly apparent that the entire Liverpool squad is made of crisps – they start with a boat load of injuries and they drop like flies throughout the season.

You’ll notice Mark Wright, a SW/DC is in the central role there. Speaking to Nikolai, it seems sweepers do well in this position. You won’t find a DC/DMC and whilst you might find some SW/DMC, there’s not loads readily available. I also signed Bernard Diomede to play on the left.

I’m going to front load this – the results were incredible:

The tactic averaged over three goals a game and of course the big thing is a big fat 0 in the loss column. Absolutely brutal. Let’s see how the players performed:

You can discount Murphy and Kennedy who played some League Cup/UEFA games to great effect. The biggest surprise was Neil Razor Ruddock, who despite having 20 for aggression was absolutely outstanding at centre back. Of course we can’t overlook Fowler’s efforts

Owen wasn’t far behind

All in all the team played 26 games across all competitions and lost twice. One was a 4-3 in Switzerland where David James had been up all night playing Tomb Raider

The other was a 1-0 loss at Old Trafford in the League Cup.

The league game against them was a big test that we just about passed

Some other notable results:

All in all, a sensational time. Especially if you are Dion Dublin

Nikolai has taken this tactic further though and enjoyed great success further down the league. I decided to give it a go with a less top level side. Hello, Blackburn.

Those of you who have been listening to the podcasts and following on Twitter will know we’ve been a bit obsessed with Blackburn recently. They start with £20m in the bank but a fairly average squad and an oddly low reputation, considering they were champions just a few years earlier.

So with a splash of spending attracting players who can just about degrade themselves sufficiently to play for us, this is the first team we are starting with:

Wilcox (AML) and Flowers (GK) are out injured, but it’ll be something along these lines.

Can it turn Blackburn into title challengers? We’ll reveal all next Tuesday.

Version 2 of the Regen finder is live now!

4 thoughts on “Talking Tactics – Nikolai’s MW

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  2. I’ve used this tactics to take Leyton Orient to 2nd in the premier league. But you don’t half come up against super keepers a lot. I can have 20+ shots on goal and struggle to score in many a game.

  3. So, having found this website, downloaded the game and set to playing for the first time in about 20 years, I decided to use this formation (and your player suggestions) with Sheffield Wednesday.

    It is, in short, terrifyingly good. I’m 11 points clear at the top with 10 games left (Man Utd have a game in hand), despite at times having to line Steve Nicol up in front of my centre halves.

    Ritchie Humphreys is better than a goal game, O’Neil Donaldson has 15 in 20, and Scott Oakes has double figures assists and a 7.63 average rating.

    Double over Man Utd, and I haven’t lost to anyone in the top half (although in true Wednesday fashion I’ve lost to all of the current bottom 3).

    Managed to sell Carbone for 9.5m, which covers all my in season purchases (Heskey 5.5m, Heidenstrom 50k, Peixe free, Moas 700k, Chilavert 1m, Lozano free, Per Anderson 275k, Robert free). I may be about to sign Fernando Couto.

    In short, I fear this system may have broken the game 😂😂😂

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