The CM9798 Lockdown Challenge – Season 1

Here we go then, starting today is the Lockdown Challenge. As England enters lockdown for another month we wanted to offer a distraction with the added bonus of a prize for the overall winner. Don’t expect the Bullseye Speedboat, we don’t have that kind of budget here, but we do have some kind souls with gifts to offer. We were going to launch as part of the podcast but we’ve had to delay that for another week, so we’ll just do a good old fashioned blog.

Here’s how it works then. Every Thursday and Monday I will post up the next challenge. You don’t have to do every one, you can skip some and take the points where you can. Obviously the more you do the more chance you have of winning but it’s not always about the winning, it’s about staying safe and having a good time.

You’ll need the game, obviously, if you don’t have it you can download it from our How to page. I’d request that you don’t use anything modified, let’s try and play fair.

Load England, Spain & France as a new 16mb game

Start as Fulham in English Division 2

Main aim: Promotion by any means (50 points)

Bonus targets:

Be in profit on transfers by June 30th 1998 (+/-40 points)
Have a player net 30 or more goals in all competitions (+/-30 points)
Sign a player from Doncaster who makes more than 20 appearances (+20 points)
Lose less than 10 games (+10 points)
Sign Bjorn Heidenstrom (+10 points)

Outside of that, you can do whatever you want with our friends at Craven Cottage. They have a decent budget so spend what you want but you need to be in profit by June 30th or you’ll be picking up a mighty minus. Play to July 1st (or near as possible). You’ll see the challenges are a plus and a minus in some cases so if you fail to be in profit by 30th June, you’ll lose 40 points.

Submit your entries either by Twitter (DM or tweet @CM9798 or by email)

I’ll need a screenshot for everything requested so transfers in/out, player history showing goals scored, final league table. The points will be tallied and posted on Monday along with challenge 2.

Good luck!

5 thoughts on “The CM9798 Lockdown Challenge – Season 1

  1. Perfect Dave! I was feeling burnt out and lacking motivation with the game. I really needed a new challenge. This is ideal, time to fire up the game. Cheers Gary aka @retrofootballnw

  2. This is strange my Fulham squad is 100,000 in the red and doesn’t have the same players. I have the original game too.

  3. It’s about this time that they came into money too. But going to go for it with the low budget, makes it more difficult as well.

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