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Happy Monday! No it’s not Bez and Shaun Ryder but rather Andrew and David Brown. Can they get themselves back up the Bundesliga table?

Willkommen! Back for the run in to this season’s Keegan-Burger experiment. We’ve had a pretty tough season this time out as Dortmund and Bayern have thrown millions at overturning my title. You can catch-up here.

We open with our Champions League quarter-final against Inter. We’re at home, and we squander numerous chances. Add to that Dybek giving Inter the advantage and we are done…Ronaldo will be back for the 2nd leg.

16 shots. And nothing to show for it. Pagliuca had a sensational game…either than or Brown’s 6 is a true reflection. Either way I reckon our story ends here in the Champions League. In the league, there’s no Brown goals but a great win.

Recognition of the main man finally arrives:

No doubt Owen and Heskey will get the nod when game time arrives, however. The second leg against Inter is straight forward…for Inter!

Those Brown boots just not hitting their target at the minute. In U21 action, Troche just can’t stop scoring:

If injuries were the lottery, Dybek would be loaded by now.

Despite that, the Hamburg derby goes as well as we can imagine it to.

Still no Brown goals. Only one in three in the league:

We go toe to toe with 1860 and edge a tight 1-0. Should be easier playing players 139 years older than us.

We get a Klopp around the ear against Mainz, bottom of the table Mainz…this is an awful result.

We return to winning ways against another lowly side.

A lot of our goals are coming from attacking midfielders at the minute over strikers. With 5 games to go we’re in the mix, but that loss against Mainz has been hurtful to say the least.

We walk a suspension tight rope (no pun intended) as we pick up 6 yellows in the first half.

We’ve got 3 top-10 sides in our remaining games, a tough looking run in given our poor performances against the top teams:

Gunther strains pouring a coffee and, and Nobby’s dancing down the tunnel.

BIG BAD BROWN! The foot guy is back on the score sheet in a tremendous result against last seasons Cup Winners Cup holders.

With 2 to go, Karl’s Shoe are out of it now, it’s between three of us:

In fact, with result going our way, Dortmund could be caught. That would be wild. Head in my hands as we start against Bremen giving ourselves it all to do.

But Sporl is on fire at the minute. He’s the best all 10’s player I’ve ever had. Dortmund win the title but we can still make the Champions League is Mainz can beat Schalke…HOWAY MAINZ!!!

Kaiserslautern Schaft themselves and we do our bit.

But can Klopp’s boys come through for us…

YESSSS! Yes, they can! Get in!

I’m not sure we deserved to be that close to the league leaders but boy they nearly threw it away. It’s been one hell of a season. David Brown has had injuries ruin his stride.

10 goals and 10 assists in 29 games is okay, but he’ll need to start flying next season as it will be our last here in Hamburg. Auf Wiedersehen for now.

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