This site is dedicated to CM9798, a Dos-Windows game released in 1997.

CM97/98 is available as freeware and runs on a Windows machine using Dosbox.  The game is available without the need for a CD, so once it is installed it could be played regardless. This was to drum up popularity before the release of CM3, which was the next leap forward in the series.

This blog should be your one stop shop for all CM9798 matters. Primarily there will be blog posts tracking save games. You can catch up with this over at the Saves tab. Initially there was a save which completed the full duration of the game but there have been many other since then. They’re all documented on that page.

You’ll also notice some extra links, which include a guide to getting the game running again and Hints & Tips. This includes tactics, general tips for the game and a community voted best 11. I’m also privileged to have conducted an interview with the co-creators of Championship Manager, Paul & Oliver Collyer. That can be located here

In November 2015, my first book The World According to CM97/98 was published in conjunction with Ronnie Dog Media. The book is available to buy on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle format. This was followed up by The World According to CM01/02 in December 2017.

In 2020 we launched the Championship Manager podcast Champ Man on the Post. Be sure to check that out over on the Podcast tab

I do all of this for a hobby but I write about CM, football and real sport for a variety of websites. My Wakelet profile includes some of my ‘highlights’ so check that out please and then pay me to write for you 🙂

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  1. This site is awesome! I still play this game these days and its still amazing!

    I love reading the stories.

  2. Just wanted to say hi. I was reading about old football players and suddenly I remember about CM (because I loved this game back then) and then found your site.

    After arriving on your site and saw the header image used, suddenly old memories flowing through my head. Memories when I was in junior high school (that’s the time I first played CM back in 96).

    I first played CM2 96/97 using MU till season 2020/2021 (if I recall correctly, but it’s around that year), then also tried the CM2 95 (like Italy) where the AC Milan and Juventus are filled with godlike players :D. All of those are played solo. Later I played 97/98 with my friend till season 2015 or around that time. Your site really brings back memories for me. Also I didn’t know CM has an end. I thought it’ll just keep on generating new players forever.

    Too bad I no longer play FM. Last time I tried, it was FM11 (after not playing for many years) for several seasons then stopped. I still feel like playing FM though, but I’d only get one after I’m sure that I have lots of free time because it’s hard to stop when I started playing. I’ll just keep saying just one more turn and won’t do anything else :D.

    • The game brings back so many memories, it’s been a part of my life for so long it’s ridiculous really. FM is very tough and time consuming but with CM…just one more click!

  3. Just discovered this site. It’s amazing!
    I thought I was in my own world still playing this game from time to time but it’s good that there are still fellow (fanatics), fans out there.
    Its funny looking at peoples must have players over time but one thing that amazes me is the lack attention given to the Scandinavian leagues which are a goldmine for top talent. Depending on the game you load you can virtually kit out your team with Scandinavian tasties. A few names people I’m sure will remember, but does anyone remember the rest:

    Zarp GK

    Gravesen LB/WL
    Zivkovic LB/WL
    Ravn D/M RC
    Krogh D/M RC
    Hellend D/M LC
    Hust D/MC

    Hojen DC
    Lucic DC
    Jacobsen DC
    Laursen DC
    Sivertsen D RLC

    Emmers MC
    Svidal Larsen M LC
    Oygard M C

    Bild DM/F RC

    Jensen AM RLC
    Degn AM RC
    Lhyne AM RC
    Dos Santos AM RC
    Daugaard AM LC

    Ljung AM/FC
    Neset F RC

    Larsen Striker
    Nevland Striker
    Cliffort Striker
    Nielsen Striker
    Johanssen Striker

      • Hello David. My name is Guillermo, I’m from Argentina, Fan of Rosario Central, from the city of Messi. I’m a fan of manager games, especially for my love of statistics. Due to lack of time I returned to play cm9798 a few months ago. I would like to participate in your blog, the only drawback is my low command of English, would not you like a collaboration in Spanish? I would love to be able to participate in my favorite blog and I think it could be interesting for readers in Spanish! I could even make the entry in English but I could not guarantee it is so correct. I’m not a great player, only average, but I think I can make it interesting and contributing on several approaches when developing a career. I could guarantee a couple of tickets per week. From already thank you very much! Sorry for my bad English, I use a translator to help me! I’m not use Twitter.

      • Hola Guillermo. Soy David, de Buenos Aires. Hice un parche de cm9798 con las ligas de argentina, brasil, uruguay y estados unidos con una base de datos actualizada al 2020. Me gustaría ponerme en contacto con vos.

    • Scandinavian players are worth a try. There are loads of good players, just a few are missing from your list. Bengt Andersson, Bisgaard, Fjortoft, Bjorkan, Mjelde or Soren Andersen.

  4. Is there anyone who is capable of making a cm2e256, a game where you can choose all the leages and a fix which make cm never ends!

  5. Hi David. I love this site! Been playing Champ 97/98 since 1998 and I never, ever, (EVER!!!) realised that you could play with no keeper until I found this site! How does it actually work? Is there a piece dedicated to this I wonder? Thanks! Simon

    • Hi mate, thanks for reading. The game usually takes the left back or a centre half if there are no full backs and puts them in goal whilst also playing outfield. Phil Neville, Frank De Boer, Fernando Couto and Steve Bruce have all excelled

  6. Thank you for all the inspiration with different formations. Tried a lot of them with Monaco, but I couldnt get them to work properly.
    Just did a season with Monaco in the barcelona 3-1-3-3 formation, with amazing result. Lost only 1 match after I have secured the championsship, and in the CHL final I won 1-0 over barcelona 🙂

    Now off to 2nd season with wins in the first 8 games. Best formation I have ever tried!

  7. Hi everyone! I reached year 2026 and it says that I can’t continue any further, I have to reload and start a new game. Did anyone else have this problem? Is there a way I can continue my game further than year 2026? Thank you in advance!

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