In 2020 we launched Champ Man on the Post, the Championship Manager podcast. Each episode will look at a different version of the CM series alongside guests, fans and contributors to this website.

Each episode is below along with the game(s) covered. Please note that unlike CM9798, most of the games are not disc-free and therefore I will not be sharing a download link for them. I am happy to help via DM though and all up to CM3 should run using Dosbox.

Episode 1 – January 2020

Guests: Paul & Oliver Collyer (CM Founders)

Synopsis: Paul & Ov join Dave & Ross to talk through the CM series from the very beginning. This episode sets up the series by discussing every aspect of the CM games and what’s to come in the future.

Episode 2 – February 2020

Guests: Bjorn Heidenstrom (CM97/98 legend), Nick & Anth (CM1 enthusiasts)

Synopsis: We look back at CM1 with two fans of the game, discussing legendary players and the the tips & tricks picked up along the way. Bjorn Heidenstrom discusses life as a CM legend.

Games Covered:

Championship Manager (released September 1992, Atari & PC)

Playable Leagues: England (Top 4 divisions)

Notes: Fake players, divisions limited to 20 only.

Championship Manager ’93 (released July 1993, Atari & PC)

Playable Leagues: England (Top 4 divisions)

Notes: Real players used for the first time, Premier League introduced to the playable divisions. Data disks released September 1993 and June 1994 rather than new games.

CM Italia (released 1993, Atari & PC)

Playable Leagues: Italy (Serie A & B)

Notes: Based on CM93/94 engine. A Norwegian version was also released

Episode 3 – March 2020

Guests: Dave Mathieson (CM2 enthusiast), Jonny Sharples (Twitter celebrity)

Synopsis: Dave & Ross are joined by another Dave to talk CM2 95-96 and 96-97, including the foreign leagues around this time. Jonny Sharples chats his CM history.

Games Covered:

Championship Manager 2 (Released September 1995, PC & Amiga)

Playable Leagues: English (all divisions), Scottish (all divisions)

Notes:  First game to include audio commentary (Clive Tyldesley)

Championship Manager Overseas Leagues

Playable Leagues: Both sold as separate games, leagues per CD as displayed above.

Notes: Could only load one country per save.

Championship Manager 2 Scandinavian Leagues

Playable Leagues: All divisions from Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Notes: Each league is a separate install, only one loaded per save. Norway is the 1996 season, which runs April to October.

Championship Manager 2: 96/97

Playable Leagues: England and Scotland (all divisions)

Notes: Also released as a data disk update to 95/96.

An extra version of the game also included the Italian League, though that was also available separately

BONUS – Not discussed on Pod (but found on eBay)

European Leagues

Playable Leagues: England & Scotland (96/97 database), Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Holland and Germany (95/96 database).

Notes: Effectively a combination of 96/97 and the two overseas league disks all in one box. Only one country could be loaded at a time though.

Episode 4 – April 2020

Guests: KingOfTheRooks (Blog team), Nick Rowe (Blog team), Ross Jacobs (Blog team) & Niclas Alexandersson (CM Legend)

Synopsis: Dave & Ross are joined by the blog squad to discuss CM9798 and come up with the ultimate CM9798 11. Ross J assists with the 2020 CM Cup draw and we interview Niclas Alexandersson about being Mr Versatile.

Games Covered:

Championship Manager 1997/98 (Released October 1997)


Playable Leagues: Any 3 from: England, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, Holland and Belgium.

Notes: Last in the CM2 series. No CD needed after installation. Playable instructions and download available on the How To page.

Episode 5 – May 2020

Guests: Ash (CM_Hints, 2018 CM Cup Champion), Chris Darwen (CM book author/editor) & Adam Hurrey (Football Cliches podcaster/writer)

Synopsis: Dave & Ross are joined by Ash to discuss CM3, CM99/00 and CM00/01. Dave chats to Chris Darwen about Jonny Cooper Championship Manager, based on the 99/00 game. Finally, Adam Hurrey chats about his history with the game and much more!

Games Covered:

Championship Manager 3 (Released March 1999)


Playable Leagues: England (including Conference for the first time), Scotland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Brazil, Argentina.

Notes: First game in the CM3 series, introduced network play for the first time. Also squad numbers, reserves, training and the first game to have the left menu bar interface.

Championship Manager 99/00


Playable Leagues: England, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, United States.

Notes: Added fines for the first time and ability to interact with board.

Championship Manager 00/01


Playable Leagues: England, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, United States, Australia, Finland, Greece, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Russia, Wales, Poland, Croatia and Turkey.

Notes: Data editor included. Added ability to start a game with fictional players.

Episode 6 – June 2020

Guests: cm0102legends and Mike Paul (CM01/02 discussion), Martin (CM0102 Super League), Marc Duffy (Development Director at Sports Interactive)

Synopsis: Alan and Mike join Dave to discuss CM0102 including the cult heroes. Martin chats to Dave & Ross about the 01/02 Super League and Marc Duffy explains how he went from a fan of CM to a 20 years and counting career working with SI.

Games Covered: 

Championship Manager 01/02


Playable Leagues: England, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, United States, Australia, Finland, Greece, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Russia, Wales, Poland, Croatia, Turkey and South Korea (patched in)

Notes: Last game in the CM3 series. Available now as a free download.

Episode 7 – July 2020

Guests: Liam (@CMMourinho), Lionel Morgan (former England youth international & CM03/04 legend)

Synopsis: Dave interviews Liam about CM4 and CM03/04, particularly why Liam thinks 03/04 is the best. Lionel Morgan discusses his life as a CM legend including receiving CM fan mail and looks back on his career including playing for England at youth level.

Games Covered: 

Championship Manager 4 (Released March 2003)


Notes: First game with the 2D pitch

Championship Manager 03/04 (Released November 2003)


Notes: Last game of Eidos/Sports Interactive partnership

Episode 8 – August 2020

Guests: Steven Fyfe (CM0102 Old Firm Challenge creator), Nikolai (CM9798 Tactic tinkerer), Daniel Garb (Broadcaster)

Synopsis: As all games have been discussed, we shift to a more community based episode. Steven chats about the CM0102 Old Firm Challenge that Dave has been playing, as well as his contributions to the CM0102 Super League. Nikolai has been trying to find the ultimate 9798 tactic and talks Dave & Ross through his process. Broadcaster Daniel Garb talks his history with the game including how he ended up in A&E from overplaying!

Episode 9 – September 2020

Guests: Tony Jameson (comedian), Paul “The Northman” (Content creator), Ash (CM/FPL enthusiast

Synopsis: Tony tells us about his FM standup routine and his life with the game, Paul talks the now defunct FM Central and his move into real football management and Ash tells Dave what’s wrong with his FPL team

Episode 10 – October 2020

Guests: Michael Marden (Quickly Kevin podcast), Mark Carruthers (North East non-league)

Synopsis: Michael explains the background to the Quickly Kevin 90s podcast and his history playing CM & FM whilst Mark discusses the CM9798 Vase final, the North East non-league scene and mental health. Challenge 3 of the CM9798 Lockdown Challenge is revealed.

Episode 11 – November 2020

Guests: Andrew Lawn (Author), Ed (Fantasy Champ Man Pod), Matt Richards (Football Manager Therapy podcast)

Synopsis: Andrew discusses his new book We Lose Every Week: The History of Football Chanting, Ed explains the phenomenon of a fantasy football game based on CM01/02 and Matt explains his side of the Football Manager Therapy podcast.

Episode 12 – February 2021

Guests: Andrew (King of the Rooks) and Champ Mega Horse

Synopsis: KOTR stops by to discuss setting up champmanfans.co.uk with Dave whilst ChampMegaHorse has launched a new CM0102 league called Swemp FA and we want to hear all about it.