Championship Manager Podcast – Episode 8: Champmanitis

Good day! I’m delighted to bring you episode 8 of Champ Manager on the Post, our podcast celebrating the CM series. You can listen to the episode here

We’ve now covered all of the individual games so we have a slightly different approach for this and all future episodes. We’ll be talking to various members of the community to celebrate everybody keeping the series alive. Read on for the full synopsis of this episode!

This week we’re talking to:

  • Steven Fyfe (@SDCMFC) about the Old Firm CM0102 Challenge and other CM musings
  • Nikolai (@9798Nikolai) on finding the perfect CM9798 tactic
  • Broadcaster Daniel Garb (@DanielGarb) on his CM obsession as a child including how the game landed him in A&E

Thanks to all three guests for their time and for of course their efforts within the CM Community. We’ll be back later in the month with episode 9.

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