I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great people whilst running this blog, so hopefully you will all enjoy their various content too:

Man On the Post – The Award Winning podcast talking all things football! Always an enjoyable and humorous listen, before I joined the Sunday review team full time in August 2018. We launched our podcast Champ Man on the Post together in 2020.

Creator Ross Bell talked to me about the podcast and more here – Retro football shirts everywhere! Available at very reasonable prices with pretty much any shirt you can think of.

Tom told me more here

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Alive & Kicking 90s Podcast – Another of my favourite podcasts, Ash Rose and his guests look back on various football matters from the 1990s. If you adore the past, you’ll love this podcast.

Ash gave me the gist here

Cult Zeros – Specialist football t-shirts including a Championship manager range, what’s not to like? There’s even a discount code…


Non-League daily – Keeping us all up to date with the world of Non-League is Mark Carruthers, who you may also recognise from the local TV show Football Matters.

Mark gave us the run down here

Tea & Busquets – Ran by FM legend Cleon. If you’re playing FM this site is for you.

The Sideline Review – Analytical and Opinion based writing on all things football. Created by Ally Bain, who you may also know from the Coach Bain Mused podcast series.

Ally spoke to us here if you want to learn more

A selection of Interview guests:

Paul & Oliver Collyer (Sports Interactive founders)

Paddy from @90sfootball

CM9798 legend Bjorn Heidenstrom

Sid Lambert, author of Cashing In still updating the database

CM01/02 legend Cherno Samba

Marc Duffy from Sports Interactive

FPLHints (World Cup Winner)

Michael Marden from Quickly Kevin

Tom Rostance of BBC Sport