Champ Man & Me: Paddy from @90sFootball

The revolving interview door here at has been busier than ever, it seems a lot of people want to come and talk about Championship Manager. This week I’m joined by the man behind @90sfootball – the Twitter account bringing you all the football nostalgia you could ever need from the 1990s.

Thanks for joining me, Paddy. What made you start @90sfootball in the first place?

I used to follow an account on Twitter called @90sFootballers which I enjoyed – but they stopped tweeting regularly which I thought was a huge shame as I could see it had plenty of potential. It was then that I thought I’d give it a go myself! I had to wait a while before I set up the account as someone was using the @90sfootball handle for their personal account – but luckily they changed their handle, I quickly took it and the rest is history…

You have hundreds of thousands of followers now, but was there a particular tweet that got you off the ground?

It’s quite a random one, but it was a tweet about Wolf from Gladiators appearing for Gillingham reserves in 1994! A fact I never expected to find and it just suddenly blew up. It was my first ever tweet to get triple figure retweets!

What is it that draws you towards the 90s era particularly?

It was the era that I first discovered and fell in love with football. From collecting Merlin stickers and Corinthian figures to watching Match of the Day and Football Italia – it was brilliant. I love nostalgia and luckily other people seem to like reminiscing too!

Is there anybody who has interacted with you on Twitter where you’ve had to pinch yourself and thought “this is crazy”?

I think the first time I thought that was when Nuri Sahin followed me. I was just sat there thinking ‘what on earth did I tweet for him to want to follow me?’ I’ve had interactions with some of the greats over the years – and it’s pretty cool knowing the likes of Claudio Marchisio, Hernan Crespo and Alessandro Del Piero are seeing your tweets about them! Probably my favourite interaction was when Engelbert Humperdinck retweetd me. Does it get more random than that? Probably not!

We’ve seen from your Twitter that you’re a fan of the Championship Manager games, where does CM97/98 rank for you?

Champ Manager 97/98 was a brilliant edition – I only wish I had played it more back then! Sadly I was more of a ISS person during the 90s, and I didn’t regularly play ‘management’ games until the early 00s. Since then I’ve lost many an hour to Champ Manager, LMA Manager and more recently Football Manager.

Do you have a particular save that stands out about all others? Everybody has at least one!

I can do better than that – I have a 4 minutes that stand out! It was a long time ago now but I remember being 3-1 going into the 90th minute. I’d given up all hope and left the room – and when I came back big Paolo Di Canio had scored a hat-trick in 4 minutes of extra time! I couldn’t believe it – I had missed the greatest comeback in football history (probably). I also take my dislike for players from video games to real life. For example Kenny Miller – I’ve still never forgiven him for leaving my Norwich side on a bosman ruling on LMA Manager 2007. Fuming!

What do you think about the more modern Football Manager series? Do you ever have chance to play them?

I still play Football Manager on a regular basis, although mainly the tablet version these days as it’s perfect for when travelling! In one of my recent saves a Newgen Liverpool legend retired… what was his name? A Brazilian called Everton. You really couldn’t make it up.

Who do you support in the real world? What do you think this season holds for them?

I was born near Carrow Road so Norwich could be the only team for me! A bit of a yo-yo team of late, I think the jury is still out on how this season is going to pan out… but fingers crossed it’s better than last season!

As well as @90sfootball, you have other Twitter accounts. Can you tell us about them please?

I also run @ClassicGoaIs which I have used a lot more recently – and basically consists of all of the content I can’t post on @90sfootball! I would love to own more and give that account more attention but sadly my free time doesn’t allow it, which is why I concentrate most of my time on creating and sourcing new content for @90sfootball.


What are your plans for the future? Can you take @90sfootball beyond a Twitter account?

I’m hoping so, yes! I have recently fully launched a website for @90sfootball ( and have some brilliant writers on board to create quality blogs and quizzes. I’d love to do more merchandise also as the 90s Football mug went down well. Watch this space!

Thanks again to Paddy for taking the time out to answer my questions and for the ongoing support he gives to the CM9798 twitter account. It is incredibly valuable when a well followed accounts spreads your work so I will always be grateful for that.

Remember to follow @90sfootball or you can follow Paddy’s personal twitter @Paddy90s

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