The Last Roman – Part 25: Anywhere but Italy! | @FMCM_FC

Hello and welcome back to Rome. We enter season 7 with Totti and the boys at Roma. Last season we fell off in the League to finish 3rd behind champions AC Milan and Juventus. The Coppa Italia was a write off losing to a Serie C team in round 2. We did however win our 2nd UEFA Cup beating Deportivo in the final. So let’s crack on with another season and try for some domestic silverware.

August & September

We have a new strike partner for Totti.

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Championship Manager Podcast Episode 14: 2022 CM Cup Draw and The Norwich Challenge

Yes it’s really true, a new episode of the Championship Manager podcast! Over a year since our previous episode, Dave and Ross return alongside KOTR, Matt & Nathan from the blog squad to bring you episode 14.

In this pod we’ll discuss:

  • Reflecting on the Blackburn challenge
  • Introducing your summer entertainment – the Norwich challenge!
  • The 2022 CM Cup Draw

You can listen to the pod here or you can find us on all your favourite pod cast apps under Man on the Post.

The Last Roman – Part 19: A Place At The Top Table | @FMCM_FC

Nathan has worked hard to earn a Champions League place so can Roma make the most of their opportunity?

Hello. We are in Rome so it must be Tuesday again. We finished Season 4 as twice a bridesmaid as we finished 2nd in the league behind a mightily impressive Juventus team. We also lost in the Coppa Italia final against Sampdoria. This one hurt as they got relegated so we really should have been beating them. So to season 5 with Totti at the helm.

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CM9798 Advent – December 3rd

CM9798 Advent – December 3rd

CM9798 Advent Calendar - Day 3

AFC United – Part 24: Soon may the Wellens man come | @Matt_C_Wills

Good morning and happy Monday. Matt’s got trophies on his mind this week as the season clatters to an end…

You join me on this fine Monday morning with AFC United on the brink of football immortality. This band of Alex Ferguson Cast Offs are challenging on four fronts. What stands between us and the ultimate glory? Judging from last week, only Aston Villa….every time.

We’re 3pts clear of Man United in the league, but our action picks up in the knock out stages of the Champions League, away to Intern Milan in the quarter finals.

It’s a great advantage to take back home. Our centre-back pairing of Duncan and Hall keeping Ronaldo quiet, but letting Maurice give Inter some hope

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