P04 – Binary Brilliance: Tackling CM97/98 with an AI Co-Pilot! | @tjmitcham1983

Welcome back to the cork-funded, AI-managed world of Uniao de Lamas. We left the team in mid-table with a slightly negative goal difference. There’s much room for improvement, but with the collaboration between human and AI management, we have the necessary tools!

The first game of the second half saw us leading at halftime, courtesy of an Armando strike. An exhilarating burst of five goals in five minutes had the Comendador’s stadium rocking, yet we had to settle for an electric 3-3 draw.

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P03 – Binary Brilliance: Tackling CM2 97/98 with an AI Co-Pilot! | @tjmitcham1983

Welcome back to the journey of a lifetime, as Diogo, the human, and Miguel, the AI, try to co-manage Uniao De Lamas to glory! We left the Lamas last time buoyant after their first two wins, with transfer whizz Miguel on the hunt for potential bargains. So, has he found us another diamond in the rough? Are we now bursting with wunderkids?

Well, no.

As previously, Miguel provided a laundry list of footballers, which Diogo then poured over to find realistic options. This time we had three true candidates:

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P03 – CM9798: Half & Half Premier League | @KingOfTheRooks

Welcome back to the home of ruining football; cheers son’s crying and all that. It’s the half and half of dreams. Last time out we finished August and the first penalties were handed out for doing well. Despite the goings on, what is essentially still Man Utd (sorry City fans) continue their form without Paul Scholes. You can catch up with last week, here.

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P02 – Binary Brilliance: Tackling CM2 97/98 with an AI Co-Pilot! | @tjmitcham1983

Welcome back to the second chapter of our adventure in Portuguese second-division life, skillfully guided by my AI co-manager, Miguel. It’s high time to delve into the transfer market as our incomplete Lamas squad lacks some essential elements.

I dispatch Miguel to secure us a right-back, intending to test his transfer acumen. Swiftly, I discern that the lad tends to set his sights too high:

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P02 – CM9798: Half & Half Premier League | @KingOfTheRooks

Welcome back to the Half & Half Scarf Premier League! It’s pre-season and all the clubs are managerless. They’ve got their pick of the world’s talent for this ambitious rescue project for English Football. Will it be a disaster? Will Bobby Gould go? Some things in life are guaranteed. You can catch up with the introduction of this abomination and the squads from last week here.

Wednesday United make the bold first move, going for a man of European experience and flair.

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Binary Brilliance: Tackling CM2 97/98 with an AI Co-Pilot! | @tjmitcham1983

Hello and welcome to my first blog as a bona fide CM2 97/98 addict. Let’s get the dull IRL stuff out of the way. I’m 40, a Burnley fan, and I blame my mediocre GCSE grades on nights spent playing Champ. Don’t we all?

While contemplating what challenge to embark upon, I was momentarily captivated by a Mark Goldbridge video on TikTok. Mr. Goldbridge is the kind of fan that didn’t exist when Champ was in its prime. He’s a “content creator,” devoting more time to dropping one-liners and faux-rants than actually watching his beloved Manchester United play during Youtube ‘watchalongs’. This time, he was ranting vehemently about VAR, and let’s face it, it’s a bit of a shambles, isn’t it?

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P01 – CM9798: Half & Half Premier League | @KingOfTheRooks

Welcome to a world where in mid-1997, the Premier League experiment has failed. The sponsors have fallen away, Sky Sports have gone running to the hills. The clubs have gone bust! But there’s a saviour in town.

The Premier League has been saved from the jaws of death. A new owner has stepped in, taken on all the club and league debt. But who you ask? Why the worlds largest scarf production company. And to take on such a demand, they have but one ask…

…all teams must merge with their deadliest rivals to ensure the long-life of the half and half scarf. It didn’t go down well. Some clubs couldn’t find a real rival so didn’t make the cut. West Ham and Millwall (Westwall) are operating a three changing room stance. Two home dressing rooms and one away.

This shock means all the clubs have 1 for ‘blend’. In addition, they all have balances of just £10k and are currently managers, rudderless ships. Who will step in and take on the awful job? Who will the clubs sell to balance the books? Will there be fighting in the stands?

Okay, so on with the blasphemy, let us meet the teams. The clubs were allowed the best 14 players from each team. Although some have already decided to cut their roster.

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