1998 World Cup All Stars XI – P03: Can We Dance Dunga’s Dance, Can We Dance It In France? | @KingOfTheRooks

Saturday night is alright for fighting but it’s 9.30am, so here’s Andrew with the culmination of World Cup 98.

Welcome back to the final part in our three-part special as we’ve created our own nation of sorts, thrown in a FIFA All Star team and given the World Cup a bash. You can catch up here. We left you hanging last time, as we finished the groups like this:

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1998 World Cup All Stars XI – P02: Groupies | @KingOfTheRooks

Everybody loves an experiment and a CM9798 experiment only sweetens the deal. Here’s Andrew with the second instalment of the World Cup All Stars XI as a nation. Yes, you read that right.

Welcome back to our latest CM9798 experiment. A reminder: we created our own nation, plonked them into the 1998 World Cup and set sail. If you missed the warm-up for the real deal, you can catch up here. So, as we approach the groups, here’s what we’re contending with:

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1998 World Cup All Stars XI – P01: Getting to Know All About You | @KingOfTheRooks

It’s the International break in real life and whilst that is so much fun, it won’t be as good as what KOTR has brainstormed here…

Hello, and welcome! Well, you’ll be pleased to know I’ve been messing around with the editor again and well, what have we cooked up. From the 1990 World Cup, FIFA decided it would be a great idea to name an all-star team of the tournament after previously receiving complaints in early tournaments. It started with 11 players and by 1998 would become a ‘squad’ of 16. So, I’ll get to the question: how would the FIFA All-Stars of the 1998 World Cup actually perform as a squad in the 1998 World Cup? Well, thank God we have CM9798 to help us find out!

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Wonderkids International – Part Five: Ricky’s Return

For the final blog of the year we finish with the culmination of one of our stalwart series. It’s the last of the Wonderkids as Andrew leads Portugal to World Cup 2002.

Welcome back to Portugal, we’ve missed you! 2020 is coming to a close (thankfully!) and so is our Wonderkids International series. If you missed last week, you can catch up here. Last time out we qualified in some style for the World Cup:

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Wonderkids International – Part Four: Rocket Power

Welcome to Christmas week! We’ve got an adjusted schedule as tie up some stories ahead of the new year. Today, it’s the first of two visits to Portugal for the Wonderkids. Over to Andrew…

Champions of Europe, has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Now to conquer the world. It’s been a long time since Portugal could say that. But here we are World Cup 2002 in our sights. If you missed our Euro 2000 escapade as we danced through the group of death like Jarvis Cocker in a brown suede suit you can catch up here. A reminder of our challenge:

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Wonderkids International – Part Three: The Group of Death & Belarus

Welcome back again to the Wonderkids International as we continue our attempt to take a rag tag bunch of unknown minus men together on a heart-warming international journey. If you missed our qualification for Euro 2000, you can catch up here. A reminder of the wretched hand we’ve been dealt:

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Wonderkids International – Part Two: Euro-nly a Pipedream

Morning and happy hump day. Here’s King of the Rooks with the Portugese wonderkids!

Welcome back to the Wonderkids International where we are trying to make something of the hordes of Portuguese wonderkids that the CM9798 database is riddled with. You can catch-up with our start here. We’ve got Euro 2000 qualification on the agenda this time around, but our squad is really prone to injuries. That said our only real opponents should be the Czech Republic.

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The Wonderkids – Part Thirty-Three: The Final Countdown

‘Invincible: incapable of being conquered, defeated, or subdued.’ Welcome back to the next step in The Wonderkids journey. We left you last having continued our unbeaten run in the 2004/05 season across all competitions and having dished out a thrashing in the Champions League quarter-final first leg. If you missed it, you can catch-up here. As ever, here’s a reminder of the table:

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The Wonderkids – Part Thirty-Two: Tweaky-Blinders

Good morning and happy hump day. Here’s Andrew with the latest from The Wonderkids, looking to build on an already mighty lead at the top of the table…

Its chriiiiiiiistmasssssssss!!! Well, almost in the wonderworld. Welcome back to season 8 where we’re trying our best to recover from last season’s abject failure of only a few trophies. We’re going great guns in Europe with a perfect record, we’re in the domestic cups still, and in the league we’re hopeful of an invincible season. If you missed last week, you can catch up here.

Here’s a reminder of the table:

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The Wonderkids – Part Thirty-One: Dirty Jokes

It’s the middle of the week which means Andrew is here with the latest from The Wonderkids. Can they continue their good form and head towards another title?

A wonderful welcome to all of you! We’re back into season 8 for The Wonderkids and we’ve made an unbeaten start and have a somewhat pitiful trophy in the bag out of a possible 5. We’ve trimmed the fat and made what appears to be a tactical masterstroke. If you missed the start, you can catch up here.  How did we leave things?

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