Band of Brothers P01: Happy Families | @KingOfTheRooks

Hello and welcome to the latest CM9798 experiment! I’ve been banging on about this one for a while so thought it best that I get to it.

German management brothers Wolfgang and Friedhelm (aka me) are tasked with taking on The Premier League and Champions League with a team of siblings. There will be rules:

  • Any starting XI must have 5 pairs of brothers
  • Substitutes are a free for all
  • If one sibling is injured, the other cannot make the match day squad
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Fergie’s Nineties: Which Vintage Was the Best Man United Team? | @KingOfTheRooks

Hello and welcome to the latest wacky idea I’ve cooked up in my head to throw at CM9798. What the f*** has happened here you ask? Well…Fergie’s success at Man Utd was built in the 1990’s. But which of his carefully crafted teams was the pinnacle? Many will say the treble winners of 98-99. But is that true?

We have carefully recreated the teams of each season from 1990-91 to 1999-00. Ten sides, pitched against each other.

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The Keegan-Burger P12: The Last Burger | @KingOfTheRooks

Willkommen! This is the final part in our Keegan-Burger experiment, if you missed the last one, you can catch up here. Brown’s morale has been at a low ebb and as ever, he’s had niggling injuries disrupting his time in Hamburg. However, we’ve clawed our way back up with a silly formation that seems to be doing the trick.

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The Keegan-Burger P11: He’s Leh Mann | @KingOfTheRooks

Merry Easter Monday! Here’s Andrew with an Easter egg for you all…

Willkommen! If you missed us last time out, you can catch up here. If you just want to read on, then its fairly obvious we are having an absolute stinker in the league.

We decide it’s time to bring an old head in to sit alongside our younger forwards. Welcome the crocodile man at an absolute snip.

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Playable Northern Irish League – Season 1997/98 | @KingOfTheRooks

Good morning! We’ve got a treat for you this bank holiday weekend – Andrew has been hard at work building a new league for you to enjoy…

Well, hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. And having recruited the assistance of @CharleMagne9798 and @ManagerOld I’ve been able to take things a little step further. Also, big nod to the ‘Northern Ireland Football Players Directory 1998/99’ which was a comprehensive list of players, positions, dates of birth and histories of c. 600 players.

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The Keegan-Burger P10: The Curse of the Manager of the Month | @KingOfTheRooks

Happy Monday! As Covid ravages through CM9798 Towers, here’s Andrew with some good food for the soul.

Willkommen! Here we are again. Last time out the Champions League kept us off the pace at the top of the table and we can get close by winning games in hand. If you missed the last episode, you can catch up here.

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1998 World Cup All Stars XI – P03: Can We Dance Dunga’s Dance, Can We Dance It In France? | @KingOfTheRooks

Saturday night is alright for fighting but it’s 9.30am, so here’s Andrew with the culmination of World Cup 98.

Welcome back to the final part in our three-part special as we’ve created our own nation of sorts, thrown in a FIFA All Star team and given the World Cup a bash. You can catch up here. We left you hanging last time, as we finished the groups like this:

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