The Last Roman – Part 17: Pescy Semi

Good day and welcome to Tuesday, I hope your bank holiday was full of good times. Here to keep those times rolling is Nath, who’s in Rome…

Happy Tuesday all and welcome back to Rome. We are well into season 4 now with Totti and the gang. We had an early setback getting knocked of the UEFA Cup at the first hurdle but we are currently 3rd in the league and have a Coppa Italia Semi Final to look forward to. So let’s dive in.

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Around the World with Adrian Littlejohn – Part 2: No Planet B | @Emsonite

Happy Weekend! Here’s Deano with more from Adrian Littlejohn…

There’re mutterings at the Bus Station in Digbeth. Puzzled faces on the punters at the pub.

The question on everybody’s lips is why is this series called ‘Around the World with Adrian Littlejohn?’…  (and by everybody’s, I mean no one’s)

Nevertheless, I will explain

The Genie from Aladdin has asked me to make Adrian Littlejohn England’s top ever goal scorer. There are no rules to achieve this. And as Harry Kane will tell you, the best way to achieve this is to play against as many plumbers & pub teams as possible. So, I’m cancelling these tough friendlies:

And arranging these piss easy ones instead:

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