Stuttgarter Kickers: Road to Tokyo – Part 15 | @Winkveron

Happy hump day and happy June. Here’s Dan with the latest from the Stuttgart Kickers…

Dortmund have been relegated, and have just £4m in the bank. This kind of offer explains why they’re in the mess they’re in. It’s not my problem. I accept it but the player rejects them.

When I started this save, the five objectives were as followed:

1 – Win promotion to the Bundesliga.

2 – Establish ourselves as a solid Bundesliga outfit.

3 – Win the Bundesliga.

4 – Win the European Cup.

5 – Win the Intercontinental Cup.

The first four have been achieved. Now it’s time for number five.

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The Last Roman – Part 21 – Wheels falling off | @FMCM_FC

It’s the final day of May so here’s Nath with your usual Tuesday – a trip to Rome.

Hello Friends and welcome back to another Tuesday in Rome. We are halfway through Season 5 and it’s going rather well. We are top of Serie A and and we topped our Champions League group comfortably as well. We have a Quarter Final against Barcelona coming up but first let’s get stuck in to some league action.

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The World According to Warnock | Episode 4 – 98/99 Finale | @CornishZak

“My specialty was ingrowing toenails,” trained chiropodist Neil Warnock on his alternate career path.

Welcome back, Colin fans! What would have happened if Warnock had stuck to feet? Well, no World According to Warnock blog!

We’ve reached the finale to our first season with Kidderminster Harriers. We have 13 games and 3 points to eat into. Should be doable, right?

Here’s a squad update as I’ve been tinkering behind the scenes. Four goalkeepers have been sold and I’ve recruited Chis Day as the permanent successor to Tony Warner. He cost a fifth of the price (£200k) from Watford and should see us through to the end of the season. I also pick up younger Aaron Hughes from Arsenal for £350k (not the Newcastle one). He was great on my ‘free for all’ save – and versatile. Finally I unnecessarily spend £30k on Des Walker. He’s on £4.1k per week wages, more than double the next highest earners Mark Robins and Dave Watson.

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Around the World with Adrian Littlejohn – Part 6: It’s all gone Pete Tong! | @Emsonite

Merry Weekend! Here’s Deano with the latest antics of Adrian Littlejohn…

Do you ever knock this game on. And. For no reason whatsoever. No matter what you do. You just can’t do anything right? Well, this is one of those sessions.

It starts off okay. With some selective friendly arrangements.

Littlejohn only managed 3 goals for England last year. But after playing a load of competitive International games in 1998/99, we get to play some friendlies again this season. The FA Board go to the trouble of arranging these matches to prepare us for the upcoming Euros.

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The Last Roman – Part 20: European Dreams | @FMCM_FC

Happy Tuesday! Here’s Nathan keeping the good times going in Rome…

Hello again. Welcome back to Rome to see how Totti & Co are getting on. We are into season 5 and we started quite well. Top of the league after the opening 8 games and we won our first 2 group games in the Champions League after getting through the 1st round knockout game. The cherry on top was knocking arch rivals Lazio out of the Coppa Italia in the 2nd round. So let’s see if we can keep up the good form here.

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The World According to Warnock | Episode 3 No Keeper Experiment | @CornishZak

The season might be winding down in real life but we’ve got another full week here on, starting with Zak in Kidderminster…

“It’s hard to replicate the final whistle when you’ve won a game, there’s nothing quite like that in normal life, and you have to realise you’re not going to get that buzz again in that situation.” Neil Warnock, reminding us what it means win a game!

Welcome back to Division 3, Colin fans!

We are midway through the 98/99 Season in our Neil Warnock fanzine. Our Kidderminster side are currently in second after 20 games (an automatic promotion spot). Here’s how the squad looks as we enter November. I may have gone goalkeeper mad after injury to Tony Warner.. Also Martin Lauchlan was a £50k steal from Partick. Randomly, with value set to £1million and ‘available’ Man Utd and Wolves are sniffing…

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