Championship Manager Podcast – Episode 2: Bjorn Heidenstrom, CM1 & CM Cup qualifying draw

We’re back with episode two of Champ Man on the Post, a podcast looking back at the history of Championship Manager. Click here to download the episode or you can subscribe to Man on the Post through your favoured podcast app. It’s a jam packed episode including an interview with a CM legend and a cup draw, alongside a healthy amount of reminiscing about how the series started. For a full run down, read on…

There’s a lot going on this episode. We take a look back at CM1 with fans Nick & Anth, reminiscing about legendary players from the 1992-94 era of the game. Then Bjorn Heidenstrom pops in for a chat about his status as a CM legend, his time at Leyton Orient and some exciting projects he has coming up including his book but also the possibility of CHAMP CON 2020 (working title).

Finally, there’s the draw for the CM9798 Anglo-Italian Cup – the qualifying round for the 2020 CM Cup. I hope you enjoy the podcast and we’ll be back in March with episode 3.


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