5. A-Z of Football – Brescia (98/99) – Welcome to Italy

Brescia it is! This time round, the outfit are currently in Serie B after relegation from Serie A. The board must have expected instant promotion as they aren’t actually in a bad position. I mean, promotion could actually still be on the cards if the league table is anything to go by!

The only downside, is that the transfer window is currently closed. As a free transfer guru, that would have been extremely beneficial. However – We have to make do with what we have.

Andrea Pirlo unhappy with the amount of first team football he is getting. He is Pirlo, so I may have to play him regardless of how bad he may be!

Maybe not. First game is against league leaders and just general powerhouse Napoli, who also got relegated alongside us last season. Not expecting much, as I don’t yet know anything about my team. Just hoping for the best!

Fuck. However, after that game…


However, my tactic doesn’t seem to work as well in Italy. Maybe I should try something new. Either that, or these players just suck. Maybe we will just give it a bit more time.

In other news, Ray Parlour and David Platt find themselves in the Champions League semi-finals. Who needs Gazza!

And another of my former players moves on to pastures new

Dion Dublin is also on the move

With 9 games left of the season, we are looking in a pretty good condition. 9th in the league, but the 13 point gap to 4th may be a bit too much. Tune in next time to see how we get on!

If any of you are interested in my twitch, where I play FIFA predominantly, you can catch me at twitch.tv/Liavinco. Come and join the rage!

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