Championship Manager Podcast – Episode 1: Paul & Oliver Collyer

Good morning and happy Monday to you. I’m delighted to bring you episode one of Champ Man on the Post, our brand new podcast dedicated to Championship Manager. What better way to start the series than a chat with Championship Manager creators Paul & Oliver Collyer? Episode one is available here or you can subscribe to Man on the Post through your favoured podcast app.

In conjunction with Man on the Post podcast, we’ll be bringing you regular episodes where we discuss the game with various faces from the CM Community, whether they be avid fans or legends of the game.

This week we cover all of this and more:

  • How the series got started in the early 90s right the way through to the switch to FM.
  • Why CM9798 and CM0102 are still the most popular games today
  • How players were researched in the early days
  • The truth behind the CM4 delay
  • Where the FM series can go next

I really hope you enjoy the podcast!



6 thoughts on “Championship Manager Podcast – Episode 1: Paul & Oliver Collyer

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  2. It seems I cannot find a place to download this onto my portable mp3-player.
    Does that option exist at all?
    It would be nice to be able to listen to this while moving on around. Preferably in mp3-format, of course.

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