Championship Manager Podcast Episode 10: Michael Marden, Mark Carruthers & Season 3 of the CM9798 Lockdown Challenge

Good day to you and happy podcast release day! There’s so much going on at the moment I’m hopeful you haven’t noticed it is slightly overdue but hopefully you find it worth the wait.

This month we’re talking:

  • The Quickly Kevin Podcast and all things 90s football with Michael Marden
  • North-East non-league football and mental health with Mark Carruthers
  • The latest CM9798 Lockdown Challenge is revealed

You can listen to the podcast here, or if you prefer your challenges in writing then read on my friends

Lockdown is a week old and you’ve been smashing through the challenges I’ve set you on dear old CM9798. You’ve built Fulham up, you had to make a choice whether to stick with them but now, we’re all off to Spain.

We’ll also bring you the latest league table and have a tiny bit of analysis, but first, let’s set you off with Season 3.

It’s time to go to the exotic surrounds of the Spanish Segunda. There’s a juicy 75 points up for grabs if you can secure a job offer from that division by July 16th 1999. Otherwise I’m afraid you’ll have to swallow your pride and make a new manager profile for 0 points.

Thanks again to Nick from @cmclassicsquads for the graphic.

As ever there’s a whole load of points on offer for being great.

+Your final points total in the league table
Promotion bonus: 125 points
+number of goals scored by your top scorer (all competitions)
+10 for every goal scored by a goalkeeper
-10 for every player averaging under 7.00 at the end of the season

I will be imposing serious penalties if I see you releasing players averaging less than 7. Selling them is of course fine. Play up until the Euro 2000 final (including the final itself).

Screenshots needed: Evidence of job offer (either job changes page of manager profile or the offer screen itself), final league table, Goals scored from squad page, average ratings from squad page, transfers out.

League Table

The top 12 overall get to be in this fancy graphic (again, thanks Nick) so they can truly enjoy their time at the top.

Ken takes top spot after taking over at Auxerre, signing Michael Owen and winning the league. Ollie in 3rd place gambled by staying at Fulham, collected 9 manager of the months and showed it was a viable route. MardukownsCM in 2nd place takes the sneaky award, having a great season with Fulham, collecting most of the points and then leaving for Hercules at the end of the season for a near 40 point bonus.

The less fancy but more complete league table is below. Please note this includes all entries up to 9.30pm Wednesday night, any after will be added in the next update.

The following people are yet to submit for challenge 2 – I know many of you are part way through so there’s no hurry.

Good luck and we’ll give this until Monday at 9pm, Challenge 4 will be posted on Tuesday. As usual you can submit on Twitter @CM9798 (DM also available) or by email here. Bye for now.

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