Championship Manager Podcast – Episode 3: CM2, the overseas leagues and @JonnyGabriel

Good morning! I’m delighted to bring you episode three of Champ Man on the Post, the Championship Manager podcast. In this edition I am joined by Ross Bell and Dave Matheison. Our look back at the series moves on to CM2, starting with the 95/96 version and moving onto the overseas leagues. We’ve purposefully left CM9798 for next month but unsurprisingly it still comes up a fair bit! We also have an interview with Twitter celebrity Jonny Sharples (@JonnyGabriel).

You can download the episode here or read on for a full synopsis

  • Ross, Dave M and I look back at CM2
    • How it improved on CM1
    • The bugs
    • Memorable saves
  • The overseas leagues
    • The two “three league” releases
    • The squads at that time
    • CM2 Italy
    • CM2 Scandinavian Leagues
  • CM2 – 96/97 update
    • Data disk
    • Dave & Ross arrive in the series
    • Crazy average ratings!
  • Interview with Jonny Sharples
    • His introduction to the series
    • Return to CM2
    • Ivica Strok!

See you next month for the CM9798 edition!


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