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The year is 1997. Manchester United have retained the Premier League, and Borussia Dortmund have pulled off a huge shock to win the Champions League. Arsene Wenger is getting his feet under the table at Highbury and Barcelona have appointed Louis van Gaal to replace the great Bobby Robson. Paul Merson swaps the Premier League for Division 1 Middlesbrough and Eidos Interactive release CM97/98, the sequel to the very popular CM2.

This game has been installed on my various computers/laptops for coming up to 18 years now, and although the series is still running and releasing the equally addictive Football Manager series, nothing can beat the pick up and play values of CM97/98 – in fact the only version that has come close for me is CM01/02.

CM97/98 is available as freeware these days, and runs on a Windows machine using Dosbox. The big plus of this is that those long waiting time that plagued my life as an 11 year old are now a thing of the past, not to mention tabbed browsing. This is a game that Eidos, very cleverly, made available without the need for a CD, so once it was installed it could be played regardless. This was to drum up popularity before the release of CM3, which was the next leap forward in the series.

This resulted in years of playing this game, often with friends, and a mild addiction. On an old machine, I got through 23 seasons, which included winning the World Cup with Ireland (or Eire, as the game names them) as well as various other club successes. My current long running game has seen me take Altrincham, a club only promoted to the football league at the end of season 1, and thus starting with no players, all the way up to Premier League and Champions League glory. Importantly, this saw me achieve the top spot in the hall of fame.

At last

At last

Which brings me to this blog. I wish I had blogged the Altrincham experience as it was quite interesting, particularly some of the managerial movements. For example, Joe Kinnear has exploits that match his real life lies, so maybe this is where he got his delusions from

JFK - Inter Milan

JFK – Inter Milan

So, sit back and enjoy sporadic updates from the past as I pick a new league to try and conquer

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