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Season two is rattling along nicely and as we reach the half way point, the managerial merry-go-round is back in full swing.

West Ham are going through managers like Big Sam goes through chewing gum, as Frank Lampard Sr is dismissed

lampard sr sackedTo add to the indignity of it all, Frank Sr is replaced by Tony Gale, which at least means we shouldn’t have to hear his commentate.

It’s one of the most open Premier League seasons in years, although this weekend must have been a thriller for Match of the Day with just the six 0-0 draws.

0-0You may notice Chelsea are third in this snippet, but their form takes a turn for the worse including a 3-0 defeat the mighty Dons. It’s not long before player manager Vialli is given his P45 and the musical chairs music starts up.

vialli sackedWith Vialli sacked I try to get the Italian legend in on a free transfer but he wants nothing to do with Wimbledon, and why would he? Chelsea set about replacing him and decide only one man is suitable for such a role. Step forward…

hodgson to chelseaGreat times for Roy who will have an opportunity to earn his shot at managing his country where it really matters (hmm). Anyway, the Blackburn ship is now rudderless so where do you turn? Bring in the perm!

keegan to blackburnAs predicted back in update 1, Keegan finds himself back in the big time, making him the most popular Yorkshireman in Lancashire. I’m looking forward to seeing how he gets on. Meanwhile, after I derided Brian Little in an earlier post, he’s making Keegan’s old team look totally shoddy with an absolute blitzing

villa 6-1The way it’s going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dalglish is out of work very soon. Over in Italy, Roberto Baggio copies his real life transfer and joins Inter Milan, rejecting a fairytale return to Juventus

roberto baggioAt Wimbledon, things are going pretty well. In the top 6, we’ve definitely improved from last season and the partnership of Nevland & Devine is proving pretty effective. Here’s how the table sits at the half way point:

prem 98 half way topprem 98 half way bottomFinishing in the top 6 will be the aim, though we’re still a little bit goal shy, as if the front 2 don’t score there aren’t many goals elsewhere. Even the top marksmen in the league aren’t prolific

top scorers 98And finally, here’s the managers of the month to date – a gentle reminder to us all that George Graham is at large during this era.


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