Job Swap

Welcome to the 2006/07 season. In the last update, I cemented my place at the top of the hall of fame by winning the World Cup with France. With that mission accomplished, I’ve immediately resigned the role to focus on my club career. What I didn’t consider is the domino effect that would have on the Premier League…

adams to france

Tony “winner of everything” Adams is off to try his hand at the International game. This might seem odd to you but those with a keen eye for detail will recall Adams built his managerial career at Lens, so hurrah for continuity I guess. Chelsea move to take a manager from a rival

dalglish to chelsea

Dalglish has enjoyed a couple of trophies with Newcastle including most recently the UEFA Cup, so maybe a shrewd appointment. Meanwhile, I’m very tempted by the Newcastle job as they are my club, but maybe later. For now, they go for Gordon Milne.

milne to newcastle

So now that’s Arsenal in the hunt for a new manager. Well, who else would they appoint?

anderton to arsenal

Player manager no less, good grief. Some big money moves as always

ballotta to RM trez to lyon smith to RM leeds marteinsson sanger to RM

It will be very interesting to see how Man Utd cope having sold two of their stars, though they do still have Fowler. Look who came crawling back…

evans to hull

They’re in the first division but he’s lucky to work in England again given how his Liverpool experience finished. Speaking of Liverpool, I’ve got things ticking over but little more. The reputation is average so now great signings – though Juan Veron has arrived on a free. This should keep me in good favour:

merseyside derby

Meanwhile, the League Cup has kicked off and it’s a sad state of affairs at Stamford Bridge

chelsea orient

I’m still in it though, but there’s a grudge match ahead!

LC 4th round draw

There’ll be hell on! McManaman against his old club and me against mine, Sky will be all over it. Here’s how the top of the Premier League looks:

prem top nov 06

Brian Little is determined to get Villa back on the winners trail, though Chelsea are not far behind plus the emergence of Leicester. I’m happy with 9th for now, as a newly promoted team it’s good to consolidate. As usual, Arsenal are flirting with trouble

prem bottom nov 06

Still very early days though, they’ll no doubt spring up to 17th under Anderton’s guidance. Forest, who are the latest club Michael Owen bench warms for, are struggling for goals at the bottom. Looks like value for money at Burnley too! Forest and Burnley are managed by Pearce and Waddle respectively, so great penalty taking all round.

That’s it for now though, join us next time to see how my return to Elland Road goes and if anybody can get themselves a decent lead in the title race.

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