Mr Beckham to you

The 08/09 season has belonged to one club so far, and as we reach March, Leeds have a handsome lead at the top of the Premier League which should see Steve McManaman win his first League title. But the real story is elsehwere… It is actually a Leeds player who makes the big headline, but only after Bolton sack Colin Todd. Todd led Bolton to a couple of 2nd place finishes, including last season, but being knocked out of a Champions League group containing Barcelona and Inter is apparently a sackable offence todd sackedThe important thing to note here is the date todd to herculesColin Todd HATES the dole and goes to work in Spain 2 days later. Good lad. But who can possibly replace Todd? beckham to boltonAh, of course. It’s 80 times capped David Beckham, who gives up the chance to win another Premier League with Leeds to go and manage Bolton. Well, why not. I was marvelling at Leeds’ defence last time out, but this went out the window one afternoon wolves 6 - 1 leedsUnfortunately, Leeds have barely lost since, and hold a commanding lead at the top. More on that later though. Another legend has entered the management game zidane montpellierMontpellier are currently 8th in Ligue 1. Leicester have a really good go at winning the Super Cup. Roy Evans working his magic again, almost. super cupA famous win never the less, but he’s as likely to relegate them if the Liverpool experience has taught us anything. Man Utd and Birmingham will compete in the first final of the season. LC sF resultsWhilst the FA Cup Semi Finals see Brian Little’s Villa in the mix yet again. Chelsea vs Sunderland is actually quite a big deal given the current plight of thie game – Sunderland knocked me out in the Quarter Final. FA Cup SFOne cup I’m not out of is the UEFA Cup, having eased past Le Havre uefa cup QF resultsThe old Tees/Wear Quarter Final there – Keith Gillespie clearly a managerial genius. Semi Final draw seems me up against Betis who I played a few years ago uefa cup sf drawMy season hasn’t been helped by a string of injuries, after Blades’ long term injury (which he has since recovered from and received an England cap), Bakyoko gets a big one bakayoko injuryMy solution is to sign Ged Collier, who you may recall is actually Peter Beardsley re-generated collier to liverpoolI haven’t posted the squad for a while, so here it is liverpool squad 09The suspension situation is ludicrous, yes. Dirty buggers. The Champions League has a familiar look to it at the Semi Final stage CL SF drawWhen I do the next stat update in a season or so, I’ll be interested to see just how many times Barca & Real have reached this stage. Here’s the Premier League table in March 2009 prem top march 09With 8 games to go, Leeds will surely win the title. Kinnear’s Tottenham are 2nd but have played a game more – from 2nd down to 12th could be as little as 5 points if the games in hand work out. I really want to get 2nd as otherwise I haven’t improved at all over the last couple of seasons – and it might be time for a new challenge… Meanwhile, the bottom of the table looks bleak for Palace. Everton, as usual, are down there whilst West Ham have suffered an enormous fall down the table from last season. It looks like 3 from 4 though. prem bottom march 09As ever, we finish with a chuckle at Laurent Blanc’s England england 0 - 1 walesHome defeats to Eire and Wales puts qualification for World Cup 2010 in serious doubt. Steve Haslam deserves better. Until next time, thanks for reading and remember to give us a follow on twitter for some random musings

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