The Quintuple is on

The 2010/11 season has rattled through to March and remarkably, Liverpool are on for the Quintuple, if that’s a word, though retaining the Premier League is looking fairly unlikely.

First things first and I’ve won the one everybody wants – the World Club Cup!!!

club cup final

In all seriousness I’m happy to have to won it but I’ve already forgotten about it. To try and arrest my slide down the league I’ve decided the best course of action is to raid Man Utd for two if their best players

haeldermans signs steffansson signs

Big bucks but I have plenty in the bank and needs must. Marco & Bakayoko are getting on and Keane isn’t really good enough at the very top level. I’m pretty sure Steffansson is actually Henrik Larsson but who knows. Haeldermans is a goalkeeper and will be the long term replacement for Landreau.

It’s fair to say we didn’t struggle in the Champions League

CL Group

And we carry that good form into the Quarter Finals

CL QF Results

I have no idea why Banik Ostrava are so good, but I’ll find out just how good in the Semi finals

CL SF draw

Meanwhile there’s some managerial switches going down. Scholes has failed again…

scholes sacked

And been given another chance…

scholes rochdale

Shearer’s been given a second chance after his Notts County disaster

shearer to preston

And this jerk is in his second job post England

blanc to monaco

Sheare, rather wisely given that he is 40, has restricted himself to a handful of games and Preston sit 2nd in Division 2.

The League Cup finalists have been decided

league cup SF 11

Stuart Pearce and Martin O’Neill will go head to head for that title. Speaking of titles, I’ve got another in the bag

Super Cup win

Again, you can hold the parade as we ease past 1st Division Aston Villa. Villa are involved in a 4 horse race with Everton, Stoke and Keith Gillespie’s Middlesbrough for promotion.

Meanwhile the FA Cup Semi final lineup is shaping up.

FA Cup Semis

Forest have gone on to win their replay but West Ham and Spurs are yet to meet again, so the screenshot will have to wait. Stuart Pearce is on for a double of his own if he can win the League Cup and perhaps knock me out on the way to retaining the FA Cup.

I decided to indule myself with this legend

ronaldo to liverpool

One of my favourite ever players, I couldn’t not sign him. Blackburn bring an England international back from Spain

regis to blackburn

Whilst Leicester are also raiding Spain

mpenza to leicester

Why Leicester you might ask? Well…

prem top march 11

Roy Evans is at it again, a healthy 4 point lead plus a game in hand – though Sunderland will probably emerge as their nearest challengers should they win the games in hand. I would say it’s a three horse race but after the Leeds’ debacle a few seasons ago, don’t rule anything out. Meanwhile, at the bottom…

prem bottom march 11

Watford are all but relegated, but it’s sad to see Bolton’s demise. Coventry, under Bryan Robson, have every chance of relegating Newcastle. John Hartson’s Leeds have nothing to shout about.

On a final Liverpool note, this was nice to see

liverpool england squad

Followed up by a convincing win for LVG with 2 of my lads on the scoresheet

turkey 0 - 3 england

One way or another, I am having a positive impact on the national team even if I may never get to manage them.

So we’ve reached the end of this update, but with all the Domestic trophies up for grabs in the final update of this season, you wouldn’t want to miss it.




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