Happy Birthday CM9798


Oh bloody hell, he’s back again with another post about it being the 20th anniversary. We get it.

I promise I’ll keep this relatively brief. No more mention of the big two-zero after today, but I thought I’d end this party with a speech rather than passing out in the garden – both are viable options, kids.

There are certain memories that linger with any old game, a bit like when you hear an old song from an album you are fairly sure only your Mam owned. Like Vinnie Jones’ album, how was that allowed to be a thing?


With CM9798, I don’t think of the game as being the past anymore, I very much think of it in the present tense. Naturally, I have fond memories of when I first got the game, and then playing it growing up with the lads round where I lived, but having blogged about the game for the past three years it’s really no longer a memory. It’s still happening.

That is of course down to you all. The fact so many of you are still playing the game or interacting with me about it tells me that I was right to start this blog, and that the love for this game will never die. I did a bit of a thank you spree on Twitter on Friday, and the sheer number of people who I have met (most electronically, some in person) as a result of talking about a 20 year old game is astonishing. I think I’ve covered everything there is to cover – from the best players, tactics, interviews with the creators, long time staff members, fans of the game, tech guides, a tournament and of course completing the duration of the game. My one regret is that John Curtis won’t do an interview for me, but you can’t win them all.

I’ve dedicated more time than usual to the blog since the summer break until now, so I’ll be dropping things back to a normal level. What is a normal level? Well for me personally it’ll be a save of mine with once a week updates. There’ll be the odd bonus article along the way, and I’m always open to ideas, but I’m going to ease into Christmas.

The Future

You’ve probably noticed I’ve had some guest bloggers on recently – that will be the case going forwards. I’m not giving my spot up just yet but let’s face it, I can’t do it forever, so my aim for 2018 is to build the writing team up so that we have content 4 or 5 times a week from numerous different writers. Basically, I don’t want the blog to die if I don’t have a save on the go. Once we get to that stage I can look at finally re-designing the site and really continue on as a CM9798 Fansite – I know from the interaction that the interest is there and we’ve got some great guest bloggers on board, indeed Matt Porter’s Stockport Diaries are back next week. If you want to get involved, do let me know.

I’ll wrap it up here. Thanks for all your support, you’ve made a Champ Man very happy.


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