Back Breaking Labour

Hello and happy New Year to you. When I spoke to you last, Aberdeen won the Champions League to end season 2 in a result I certainly didn’t expect. Certainly not after just two seasons anyway, but that is where we are. Champions of Europe. How do you build on that? Oh, we’ll find a way…

First priority is to bring in another CM legend to our ranks. Tomlinson is getting better with every game but having a striker who can also operate in one of the two AM positions gives us a lot of options, which I think is vital when you can only name 3 subs (domestically anyway). Anyway, that was my way of justifying signing Ibrahima Bakayoko. Welcome!

Bakayoko to Aberdeen

That will help, surely. What won’t help is little jerks like Ricky Gillies, the long term replacement for Marc Emmers, getting ideas above his station. Newcastle come calling and £1.9m is a pittance but, much to my shock, he still has a big-club release clause.

ricky gillies big club

We’re the European Champions and we’re going to lose a young midfielder to Newcastle who haven’t even qualified for Europe. That doesn’t seem right.

Anyway, I’ll get over it and I’ve signed the very famous DM/FC Icelandic re-gen to fill the void. Forget you, Gillies.


cadamarteri man utd

I mean he might help but they’ve sold Paul Scholes to Blackburn. Odd.

The season opener sees us slip back into the old habit. Misse Misse is a bad name for a striker.

first game season 3

Up next comes the Scottish Coca-Cola Cup, a competition that has seen some strange results in this save and that continues here with the visit of Albion Rovers.


It as a brave move for neither side to play with a goal keeper for 25 minutes but we come out on the right end of a 13 goal thriller.

Rangers aren’t so lucky.

rangers out

Sometimes life isn’t fair. Our reward for winning the Champions League is not having to go through two rounds of qualifying to play in the group stage. When the group stage draw happens, this hardly seems fair

CL draw S3

So this is what the Pet Shop Boys were singing about. What have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this?!

Nevland takes it out on Celtic. It really is incredible how he always scores a hatful past the Bhoys

Celtic 2 - 4 aberdeen

Nevland loves it though, he skips off to Rugby Park and scores three more.

Kilmarnock 1 - 3 Nevland

That’s not a bad start to the season

Nevland career

Off he goes on International duty to cause mayhem against the Irish. I receive a call in the middle of the day from an unusual number. HE’S DONE WHAT?

Nevland crippled

What the bloody hell goes on at Norway’s training ground? Ten months. That’s the season, basically, so I have to take on the hardest Champions League group in the competition’s history with my main man. Give me strength.

Life without Nevland is off to a very dull start with a 2-0 win over Hearts. We’ll always be functional but Nevland brought the party.

aberdeen 2 - 0 hearts

PSG are up first in our Champions League gauntlet, and Pittodrie’s newest hero steps up to the plate.

aberdeen 3 - 1 PSG

Incredibly that is probably our easiest game, and as if to prove that point, we’re off the Bernabeu.

What follows is scarcely believable.

RM 1 - 4 Aberdeen

Tomlinson loves scoring in the big games, and Dortmund are the latest team to fall foul of the former Man Utd legend

aberdeen 2 - 0 dortmund

He’s at it again in Paris, scoring a late winner and securing us 12 points out of 12. Ridiculous. Erik who?

PSG 1 - 2 Aberdeen

It’s not quite enough to secure qualification in this update but one more point should do it. Even then, the group should be fairly evenly matched and I’ll be surprised if we don’t advance.

CL group 4 games in

I don’t want to panic buy but with Nevland written off for the season, I’ve started to put the feelers out for another top class striker. The train keeps on rolling though, with Rangers brushed aside before a topsy turvy affair at Tannadice

aberdeen 2 - 0 rangers

Dundee Utd 3 - 5 Aberdeen

I am concerned that if Bakayoko or Tomlinson get an injury we’ll struggle. As if by magic, we lose Bakayoko for a month

Bakayoko injured

Michael Owen is interested in the move and a fee of £7.25m is agreed. He’s thinking about my contract offer. He would help a great deal.

In the meantime though we have to face Celtic in the cup semi-finals. Without Nevland or Bakayoko, it’s absymal.

cc semi finals defeat

It’s usually us who end this game with a huge win and I don’t much like being on the reverse of a 4-0 defeat, hopefully Owen wasn’t watching.

We’ve got a 3 point lead after a third of the season but we have lost our difference maker and whilst we might be able to muddle through for a bit, the business end of the season would be tricky without say Bakayoko. We’ve been very lucky that Mulryne and Gillespie have remained injury free thus far as they are the creative force in this team. Come on Michael, do the right thing for once

scots prem nov 99

A quick look at the Premier League shows a close run battle with just 9 points between first and 12th. See Michael, look how dull it is at Anfield

EPL nov 99

I hate him.

Owen rejects

So another update comes to a close and an awful lot has happened in four months. The Euro 2000 qualifiers are about to draw to a close so we’ll see how that effects things, but until next time, please think of Erik Nevland. Our fallen hero.


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