Greetings to you and welcome to season 4. In many ways, season 3 could be considered a failure. That seems stupid to say, given that we retained the Scottish Premier League and won the FA Cup, but we didn’t retain the Champions League and that is a failure in my eyes. How do we rouse ourselves to go again?

There’s no need for sweeping changes. Nevland is back from injury to partner Bakayoko, with Nalis and Tomlinson very able deputies – and that’s before you even consider young Alex Martin, who captains Scotland but can’t get near my team. Mulryne and Gillespie have been outstanding and are backed up by Darren Eadie and any number of the forwards who can drop in, so that’s fine. Marc Emmers is getting on a bit but we have the famous Icelandic DM/FC re-gen, who will play more in rotation with Emmers. He could also occupy the holding midfield position, where Bjorn Heidenstrom played the majority of the previous 3 seasons but is starting to look his age a bit. Billy MacDonald is ok but not great shakes and young Martin Lauchlan will be loaned out. This chap from Dortmund has caught my eye, and for £1.2m will not break the bank,


He can also cover right wing back, a problem position that David Rowson has filled for a long time without any great conviction. There aren’t many wing backs available so it’ll have to do for now, with Lee Hughes continuing down the left. What I have done though is brought in some versatility, because his stats are insane


Here’s the squad. Not bad!


Meanwhile Batistuta is off to Denmark

BAtigol to Odense

Seems like an odd choice. Or an OB choice. But not as odd as Paul Scholes going back to Man Utd

scholes mufc

The season opener sees Rangers visit Pittodrie, which is not a nice way to start. Rangers seem to have made a conscious effort to try and end our dominance, signing Richard Witschge and Christian Karembeu. It doesn’t matter though, because Bakayoko is everything.

Rangers 4-1

New man Colding also scores and it’s a perfect start to the season.

It looks like we’ve got our work cut out again to make it through the Champions League group, Ajax and Arsenal will take some toppling and Tblisi won’t be an easy place to go in the winter.

CL Group season 4

That task looks even harder when we head to Amsterdam without Dida and Page, and we go on to lose Bakayoko and Emmers in a very bad night

5-3 Ajax

Nalis scoring two late consolations not only makes the scoreline look more respectable but may also preserve our goal difference. The same player gets our campaign up and running a few weeks later with a narrow win.

2-1 Tblisi

Arsenal rock up at Pittodrie with a scary looking side. Alan Shearer has joined Bergkamp up front and Fernando Couto marshalls the backline. We have to dig deep, but that’s what we’re good at

arsenal 3 -1

I was very worried for our future in the competition for the first half an hour but we came through in the end. Strangely enough, our third and final home game is next against Ajax. We absolutely dominate and goals from Dadason, Bakayoko and Nalis secure three vital points.

3-1 ajax

We are top of the group and our trip to Tblisi is next. If we can win, we’re nearly there, but Ajax will fancy their chances at home to Arsenal so who really knows?

CL Group 4 games S4

Back to the domestic action and we’ve been having a great time in the Scottish League Cup or whatever it’s called. We hit East Fife for five, which is not that easy to say.

5-1 east fife

That sets up a semi-final with Celtic – at Ibrox, always a laugh – and the main man Bakayoko puts us in the final against Rangers.

2-0 Celtic SF

In the league, we won our first 9 consecutively before the trip to Rangers. We went behind to Keith O’Neill and threw the kitchen sink at them, before Nevland missed a pen. He’s lost a lot of his magic since the injury but did bundle in an equaliser to save him from a serious paddling.

Rangers draw

However, a very annoying game against Kilmarnock sums up Nevland’s new found idiocy, then again nobody seemed to have their boots on the right feet for this game.

0-0 kilmarnock

Oh we beat Celtic in the league too during our wonderful start

celtic 0 - 3 aberdeen

All of that leaves us sitting at the top of the table by a single point, as Celtic are finally launching a come back after years in the wilderness. Will it last?

SPL S4 Nov 00

Just for the sake of keeping up appearances (not the sitcom) here’s how the English Premier League is getting on

prem top Nov 00

Man Utd’s dominance shows no sign of letting up as they go in search of a 3rd consecutive league title. They’ll probably get it.

This might be my last season at Aberdeen. Not for definite yet but in the interest of keeping things fresh I might move on. The Belgian league, for example, is one I have never conquered, so that may be something I look at in season 5. For now though, it’s all about trying to win the Champions League again. Please join me next week as I look to make it into the knockout stages. Toodles for now



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