Really, Winning Doesn’t Matter

Greetings and welcome to the end of Season 8. It’s a save that has taken me from Aberdeen to Waregem, which isn’t exactly a wayward journey but we’ve seen a lot of things. Waregem are defending league champions and enjoying a Champions League foray. However, competing on both fronts has taken it’s toll on a fairly average squad. Can we find a way to retain our league title? Which European giant awaits us in the last 4 if we get there?

We do get there, obviously. A 3-1 lead was never troubled by Metz.

0-0 Metz

Please be Rangers Please be Rangers Please be Rangers

CL QF results S8

Ah, nuts.

CL SF draw S8

That is future Dave’s problem. Right now it’s all about trying to make up ground in the league title race. Mechelen and Aalst both take a beating

4-0 mech3-1 aalst

That’s more like it. It’s easy when the opposition treat you like dirt.

To the Nou Camp then and really all I want is an away goal and a narrow loss.

barcelona 3 - 1 waregem

ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE. That’s 5 times our entire capacity. 2-1 would have been lovely, but there was something in the air and Fernando scored, meaning our star isn’t that bright. Not my words, the words of Abba.

Speaking of Swedes, Zetterberg sticks it up Germinal Ekeren. MENDOZAAAAA was also involved.

germinal 0-2

Roby Rondags has broken into the Belgian Under 21 squad and he’s becoming a key player, which is probably just as well considering Zetterberg and Emmers have a combined age of well over 70.

4-1 lierse

That is a problem though, as the Belgian FA do…FA to help me in the Champions League. A pesky Easter Monday game two days before the second leg with Barcelona means I have little choice but to rotate the squad, including the two older gentlemen, and the result is PAIN.

beveren 3-1

So then, it’s come down to this. Our league hopes are fading but if we can find a way to beat Barcelona 2-0 or better, we’ll go through to the final and have the time of our lives.

2-1 barcelona

Damn. I nearly Mendoza’d the house down when he scored twice in a minute and if he’d scored a third I’d probably have folded the blog. There’s nowhere to go from there. We still beat Barcelona, just not over 2 legs. The boys done good. Man Utd will play Barcelona in the final.

CL sf results S8

Now, you’ve heard of a team shooting themselves in the foot but we’ve really taken it to heart and just flat out scored two own goals. ‘Sakes…

charleroi 2-1

There’s 4 games to go and we need to make up a 3 point deficit. It’s not really in our hands and our run in is grim

4 games to go S8

We could at least retain the Belgian cup.

cup SF exit

Nope. Karagiannis is a little weasel too, he left under the big club release clause when he was 18.

It’s all on the league then, and we just about edge past Gent. Nervy.

1-0 gent S8

But the big game comes away at Club Brugge. One of the big 3, before we and now Antwerp got involved, winning there is still a huge challenge. They’re in the hunt for a Champions League spot at least, but they don’t have Roby Rondags.

brugge 0 - 1 waregem

A belting free kick, that makes it a bank holiday to remember. Is it even a bank holiday in Belgium?

It’s not enough though, Antwerp still have it in their hands.

2 games left

It’s Anderlecht next as our gauntlet continues. Future Wigan man Denny Landzaat gets himself sent off which makes our task easier, before Dirkx follows and M&M do the rest.

3-1 anderlecht

Antwerp keep on winning though, a 1-0 away win for them means all they have to do is beat lowly RWDM at home to win the league.

1 game left

What does RWDM stand for anyway? Yes yes I know I can Google it but I don’t want to.

We have to go to Harelbeke which has been a problem for us at the best of times. No margin for error here, but Monaghan has been inspired since Mendoza arrived and he nets twice. We’ve done our bit.

harelbeke 2-0

Despite the efforts of future Stoke man Carl Hoefkens, RWDM hold out for a famous draw. THANK YOU

antwerp 0 - 0 RWDM

0-0 antwerp

Wow. Really, Winning Doesn’t Matter.

Call them what you want, they’ll never buy a beer in Waregem again. Except Carl Hoefkens. He can pay for his own ale.

S8 JL top.

Incredible scenes in England as Joe Royle’s Aston Villa win the league by a country mile. Man Utd’s 14 draws look pretty costly. They pip Newcastle to a Champions League spot by 2 goals.

S8 Prem top

Aberdeen improved and even brought back the good old days of scroing all the goals – 90 to be exact – but it’s only enough for 2nd. Beardsley will no doubt live on forever.

SPL top S8 final

For those wondering, here’s the Champions League final.

CL final S8

Awards time…



belgian awards S8scottish awards S8England awards S8

Fitting that Sir Alex wins manager of the year. Get well soon.

That’s it from me and indeed this save for the time being. I have to turn my attention to the CM9798 World Cup which gets underway on Monday 21st May. There are two previews coming over the next two Sunday’s and then you will have daily blog posts bringing you the action from ‘Paris’. I’m really excited to bring you this tournament so please do your old pal Dave a favour and share it when you can. Au revoir

(What is the CM9798 World Cup? Here’s an explanation)


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