CM9798 World Cup – Day 5: Can Norway handle Brazil? France in action against Morocco

Welcome! We had a couple of days break for little reason to be honest other than to give me a chance to catch up. But now we’re uninterrupted for the next week, which means posts every day and a very tired Dave. Never fear though, we’ve got Group A and B to bring you in this update and in even better news I’ve remembered to press record on at least one match. Let’s go to Group A.

Group A

Group A 1 game

It’s looking good for Brazil and Norway but the one chink of light for Denmark (and Saudi Arabia, I guess) is that Brazil and Norway are about to play each other. It’s in their best interests that Brazil take 3 out of 3 now, unless you think Brazil could lose their remaining 2 fixtures. With this team, is that likely?

Brazil team vs Norway

It’ll take some stopping but if anybody is capable, it might be Norway. I don’t base that on a great deal but KingoftheRooks is King for a reason. Here’s how he has lined Norway up:

Norway team vs Brazil

Now, you can watch the game by clicking play or as ever, the game is described by me below that.

Maybe I was right? Norway come flying out of the traps and have the audacity to take the lead thanks to Neset. Surely that’ll get Brazil going? No? Ok then.

Brazil Norway HT stats

Norway have been brilliant and not given Brazil a sniff. They’ve stifled Brazil without doing anything overly flashy themselves but they have taken the lead, which is the main thing.

Brazil Norway HT Ratings

Have Brazil got it in their locker to get out of this jam? Denmark and Saudi Arabia hold their breath, willing Brazil to score. Knutsen goes down in the box and it looks like a penalty. The text says so anyway. What’s the referee’s decision? He’s waving play on. As is always the way, Ronaldo nips down the other end and equalises. Then he scores again. You can’t count him out. Brazil win and even though it’s not a shock, they’ve had to dig this one out.

brazil 2 - 1 norway stats

Brazil have been much better in the second half but Dan Eggen gets man of the match to go with his goal in game 1. He is the Eggen he is the walrus.

brazil 2 - 1 norway ratings

Confirmation then from Parc Lescure that Ronaldo is really quite good.

brazil 2 - 1 norway scoreboard

This is a big game for Denmark and Ross Jacobs. His Denmark side took a pasting from Brazil, which at the time I said was no disgrace and it never will be, but the reality is that Norway have just shown far more than they did. Saudi Arabia can’t be ruled out either, but they’ve got Brazil last and they won’t win that. It’s going to go to the last game regardless. Here’s what Ross has set up:

Denmark team vs Saudi Arabia


Denmark 0 - 0 saudi arabia HT ratings

That is one of the worst halves of football I have ever seen in scrolling text format. ONE SHOT EACH MAN. DO SOMETHING! Saudi Arabia managed a shot on target at least. Denmark just having a shitter really.

denmark 0 - 0 saudi arabia ht stats

Still, 45 minutes to turn it round. The attack is just incoherent, like they’ve never met. It’s odd considering two of them are brothers. Soren Anderson arrives and makes a difference but he can’t score. Or even hit the target. Saudi Arabia come on strong at the end and manage another shot on target. It ends 0-0. Schmeichel gets man of the match for his 2 saves.

Denmark 0 - 0 saudi arabia FT ratings

It was poor. La Beaujoire boo. I boo. Denmark will have to beat Norway to advance, Saudi Arabia will have to be Brazil and need some mathematical miracles.

denmark 0 - 0 saudi arabia FT stats

Brazil are through, so…that’s a plus? I think.

Group 2 games

So it’ll be an all Scandanavian shootout next week to decide who goes through. Interesting. To Group B!

Group B

France aren’t exactly in the toughest of groups, with Morocco their latest challenger after the win over the USA in game 1. @90sfootball has opted to bring Diomede into the lineup for Emmanuel Petit, an attacking change that will probably be for the best. Blanc is in for Thuram too, so he can kiss Barthez on the head.

france team vs morocco

Morocco have gone for the wingbacks. Nourredine Naybet will go on to play for Spurs but for now he’s got to try and stop future Arsenal legend Thierry Henry. Can he?

morocco team vs france

No. In short. Henry opens the scoring after 16 minutes and it looks like being a day to remember for the majority of the 34,000 in attendance. Surely France would play their matches in a bigger stadium? Anyway, it’s their World Cup they can play where they want. After the goal, it all goes a little flat. Morocco grow in confidence and test Barthez a few times. It’s only 1-0 at the break, and there’s some anxious faces around.

france morocco HT stats

To make matters worse, Zidane’s picked up a knock. It’s probably nothing serious but Paddy airs on the side of caution and subs him. The experienced Papin is on, and Blanc is commanding the back line. Another goal and the points will be safe, you’d think.

france morocco HT ratings

Morocco aren’t good guests though, and 12 minutes into the second half Azzouzi equalises. The stadium is almost silent. France need to dust themselves down and find a way to win. Maurice is on for Karembeu just minutes later and France show signs of life. Morocco start to fade and Ali Benarbia is introduced as a final throw of the dice. Sure enough, Papin strides through and lifts it over the excellent Abdellah to secure the points. A big goal. A nation united.

France 2 - 1 Morocco FT ratings

France were stronger after the break but they will have expected to win more comfortably than they did.

France 2 - 1 Morocco FT stats

Let’s see that in final form

france 2-1 morocco scoreboard

The USA and China might be two superpowers but here they cancel each other out with a goal scored in the same minute. I don’t even know who scored first. China are well and truly in the box seat to qualify now, whilst France definitely have.

USA 1 - 1 China

It’ll take a reasonably sized win for USA coupled with France beating China to change this group. Even if China lose let’s say 2-0, USA would need a 3 goal win to qualify. It’s a big ask.

Group 2 games

France though can get the cigars out and more than likely rotate the squad a little for the final game. They will play the runners up of Group G presuming they win the group. That’s my group. Scotland are not ready for France.

That’s it then, another day done. Day 6 will see England back in the spotlight as well as Holland and Ireland. A busy day. See you tomorrow!


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