The guide to finding re-gens in CM9798

Good day! You might notice I’m blogging more than ever at the moment – it’s amazing what you get up to on your days off work. Anyway, seeing as the Academy has reached the point where re-gens are key and I get at least one person on Twitter every week asking how to find a re-gen, let’s get this sorted.

Just in case you don’t know, every time a player retires on CM9798 (and most CMs for that matter) they regenerate as a younger version of themselves. Whilst they won’t be at their peak straight away, it’s an open goal in terms of development as you know what they will improve to become. I usually loan them out for a few seasons if I’m a big club but at the Academy we don’t really have that luxury, they need to learn on the job. With that in mind, there are only a few things to look out for.

Firstly, the position and nationality will never change. That makes some players very easy to find, for example Hristo Stoichkov. There aren’t many Bulgarian forward left/centre’s knocking around.

Stoichkovstoichy regen

There are three stats that will never change: Aggression, Creativity and Injury Proneness. The others can adjust, which you’d expect as things like stamina will decrease as a player gets older and it would be a bit harsh if the re-gen is stuck being slow forever.

With Gazza and his re-gen, I was able to use the injury proneness stat to find him fairly easily. It helps that his creativity is stupidly low at 6 and it makes him quite identifiable. It turns out young Tarkan was actually an exact replica of real Gazza, down to the chicken and fishing rod.

gazza originalGazza regen

Something to be aware of is that some players don’t have all their stats in the database, so they are randomly generated at the start of the game. That means they will differ from game to game but if you’re looking for the real top players, you’ll have no such problem.

Here’s Rai:


rai regen

That’s really all there is to it. Of course you can also play the percentages and make sure your shortlist is full. Then on the last day before the game updates, launch bids for players who you think are going to retire. Assuming they do, your bid will carry over to the re-gen when the update has finished. Obviously there’s a few ifs and buts in there to take the shortcut but if you are lazy like me it’s ideal.

You’ll have noticed a couple of those re-gens are at Wimbledon. That’s because they were provided by friend of the blog Samed Fellgriff – thank you for your help on this project.

I decided to put all of this into practice and track down some players on the Academy save, seeing as we are almost 6 full seasons down now.

Peter Schmeichel

It’s slightly tougher for goalkeepers as they don’t have creativity.


schmeichel regen

Colin Hendry

Having the young Gazza and the young Hendry can only turn out well.

colin hendry

Hendry regen

Gary Pallister

I’ve missed out on Gary Pally. Shame.

gary pally

pally regen

Stuart Pearce

Fulham get the joy of a very angry man

stuart pearce


John Barnes

His name is John Bar-nes or actually Rodney Gascoigne. Bit weird that Gazza came back as Waddle and Barnes came back as Gascoigne. Wonder who got Dorigo?

john barnes

barnes regen

Jurgen Klinsmann

klinsmann original

JK regen

Peter Beardsley

Sticking with the Italia 90 theme and when I actually let Beardsley retire he comes back as Mitchell Izzet.

BEardsley original

pedro regen

Gianfranco Zola

Zola junior turned me down, saving you having to hear me refer to Zoju for years to come.


zola re-gen

Ian Wright

Sadly, I thought I had the Wrighty re-gen but I don’t. I guess Sedgemore is somebody less successful. He is now Grant Storer.

Ian Wright

Wrighty regen


There’s been a bit of a glitch in the matrix here. These two can’t deny each other:


romario regen

But it’s his first season…


…and aged 35 is in the Brazil Under 21 squad

Brazil U21

I think we’ll quit whilst we are ahead. I hope this has helped but feel free to ask any questions. My thanks again to Samed Fellgriff for the screenshots and help with this piece, it is much appreciated.

13 thoughts on “The guide to finding re-gens in CM9798

  1. Brilliant article thanks Dave.
    Just when I thought I’d learnt everything I needed from your blogs.
    Previously I’ve been searching regens under passing / positioning and tackling / technique which is largely consistent but always bemused me when it didn’t run true.
    Talking of glitches I have bizarrely talented David May in my current save, his stats don’t match the database (I haven’t meddled).

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  4. I discovered the following by chance:

    – Sort the Players database on “Ability” and save before starting a new game.
    – Whenever you search for players during the game and you select “No Fee”, all free players at the moment of your search are sorted on ability.
    – Use this search immediately after the closing of a season. This is very effective in finding the regens in the competition you are playing.

    For example you are playing in the English & Italian league:
    –> this search is extremely helpful in finding the regens of for example John Barnes, Paul Gascoigne, Ian Wright, Stuart Pearce, Peter Beardsley, Gianfranco Zola, Roberto Baggio etc because they have a high “Ability” value in the database.
    –> For players like Ian Rush, this search is less helpfull. His “Ability” is relatively low so his regen doesn’t come up in the top results when searching. You still want to get his regen though because his “Potential” is amazing, and he delivers each and every time.
    –> for non-UK players, this search will only be of help if their regens appear as free players. For example the regen of Arnor Gudjohnsen typically shows up in an Icelandic team, so you will not find him with this type of search.

    To finish, a note on Arnor Gudjohnsen. His regen is without any doubt the best there is. There are players with a much higher Ability/Potential value, but somehow he is a force you absolutely want to have in your team.

    Hope the above is helpful!

      • Correct, it indeed effects the search within the game. But you need to set the filter to free players in order for the results to be displayed on ability.

        In my current save I am playing Watford and selected the English/Spanish/French leagues at the start of the new game. I am currently in season 7, still early in the season. Would you like me to send you a few screenshots?

        BTW was reading the blog yesterday on Perez Munoz Alfonso. He is indeed difficult to sign. In my Watford save he gets a severe injury in season 1 and he comes up as a regen already in season 2. I wasn’t able to grab him because he was hijacked by Barcelona. After 4 years without getting a single game at Barcelona he becomes a free player and I am able to sign him at the start of season 6. I started adding him to the Watford line-up mid season 6. I can confirm he is really good :-).

  5. Great read chaps! I’m now going to look for Ian Wright. Gutted he retired at the end of season 2 when I got Birmingham promoted and wanted him in his twilight years and in my first season in the premier league!

  6. I thought I would chip in with my dream team of regens:

    GK – Peter Schmeichel / Vítor Baía
    RB – Alain Goma / Luis Enrique
    LB – Paolo Maldini / Didier Domi
    CB – Laurent Blanc / Jürgen Kohler
    CB – Viktor Onopko / John Curtis
    RM – Sylvain Legwinski / Antoine Sibierski
    LM – Denilson / Richard Witschge
    AMC – Marc Wilmots / Ludovic Giuly
    DMC – Arnór Gudjohnsen / Roy Keane
    FC – Jovan Kirovski / David Trezeguet
    FC – Jürgen Klinsmann / George Weah

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