2019 CM9798 Cup Draw

Hello! Since introducing the tournament last week, anticipation has been building for the 2019 CM9798 Cup. I mean that genuinely as well, I’ve received literally more than 5 tweets about it. It therefore gives me great pleasure to bring you the draw as we move a step closer to actually playing some matches. For those who don’t want to watch my wife draw names out of kinder egg pods for 6 minutes, you can scroll down past the video and there’s an image of the draw to save you the hassle.

As promised, here it is in pictorial format.

Group Draw portrait

Matthew and Matt will be here on Tuesday and Wednesday to finalise their two saves and then there’ll be a preview piece for the cup on Thursday. The matches should start next week.

Merry Monday to you all,

2 thoughts on “2019 CM9798 Cup Draw

  1. Potentially dumb question, how do you do the matches? Is someone putting all these squads into a single physical save, and then running the game on their PC?

    • I’ve created the teams in the same database but they will just be arranged friendlies. Will probably have one save file per group to make it easier for me

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