CM9798 Anglo-Italian Cup: Day 1

What’s Italian for hello? Welcome to day one of the Anglo-Italian Cup, where we’ll get the first set of Group A matches played. If you’re wondering what this is all about, let me direct you to the preview from yesterday.

Let’s get some games played!

Group A table

Group A

Perugia vs Port Vale

We start in Italy, as Chris’ Perugia side host James’ Port Vale. Chris has opted for the known and trusted 2-3-1-2-2…

Perugia tactics

James meanwhile has gone with safety in numbers. 5 at the back with a holding midfielder. Neil Aspin is in the old sweeper role.

Port Vale tactics

Amazingly, the Vale deep block handles the famous formation quite well. They hold the Italians at bay and then future Wycombe manager/tramp Gareth Ainsworth runs through for the smash and grab win. Well, I never. All of this whilst Port Vale lose their goalkeeper to injury.

Full Time

A thoroughly dull set of ratings but Port Vale won’t care. Onto the next one.


Chievo vs Sunderland

Marc Burrage is playing 4-4-2. No frills but will it work?

Chievo tactics

Joey is playing a far more complicated system. Allan Johnston is out injured so Lee Clark deputises. Quinn and Phillips are deployed in unfamiliar roles but we’ll see how it works out. Oh and Dichio is injured so Michael Bridges starts.

Sunderland tactics

Bridges scores the opener, smartly finishing a one on one. Just as the game drifts towards half time, Chievo muster a break away and Richard Ord handballs in the box. It’s a penalty and Riccy Gori converts. The second half sees a lot of effort but little quality and both teams settle for a point.


Nottingham Forest vs Pescara

Forest have opted for a 3-4-1-2 which probably suits the personnel. Moore over Campbell causes a rapid decrease in bow tie sales.

Forest tactics

Deano only got the Pescara job on the eve of the games so after a few hours tinkering, he’s come up with this attacking 5-3-2 number.

Pescara tactics

It bloody well works as well! A quickfire double after half time sets it up and despite Ian Moore’s attempts to rescue matters


Sunderland vs Perugia

Two teams who didn’t manage a win in their first game come together now to try and kick start their tournaments.  Sunderland are unchanged with Dichio and Johnston still out.

Sunderland tactics

Chris is also unchanged, both in terms of team news and ability.

Perugia tactics

Nicky Summerbee, son of Mike, gives the hosts the lead, smashing in a rebound after JCD-D denied Phillips. Whatever Chris said at half time, believed to be something about having enough of being embarrassed on the world stage, seems to work. Russo equalises from distance before Thorninger goes through one on one and rounds Tony Coton for what turns out to be the winner. Wonders never cease, Chris is off the mark.


Ipswich vs Ravenna

Time for Ipswich and Ravenna to get their tournament underway. Organisers have come under criticism for scheduling this after two other teams played their second fixtures but that was marked down to gross incompetence. Dan Palmer has pushed Dyer and Taricco into attacking positions, not natural but you can’t knock the ethos of putting your best players in attacking positions.

Ipswich tactics

I like the look of this formation from Jacob. Not because I’ve ever trialled it but it looks interesting. If someone said to me, “that formation works” I’d say “you know what, I believe you.” I fear I’ve gone slightly mad. Let’s football.

Ravenna tactics

It really does work! Ravenna steam ahead into a 2-0 half time lead and we’re all preparing the Jacob was right banner. Dan though is a wily customer and known lunatic Kieron Dyer pulls one back before David Johnson restores parity on 67 minutes. You’re always at your most vulnerable when you’ve scored though and Ravenna land the sucker punch through Masitto to take the win.


Port Vale vs Chievo

Back to Port Vale now for their second game and after a win in match one, a second win would stand them in very good stead. The first choice goalkeeper is out injured so in steps Arjan Van Heusden – Port Vale only have two keepers so it’s an unknown grey youth prospect on the bench.

Port Vale Tactics

Marc’s 4-4-2 will look to break down the 5 at the back.

Chievo tactics

This was dull. Neither team really looked like scoring nor had the capability to change it from the bench. Both sides remain unbeaten.


Pescara vs Sunderland

Pescara might have come to the party late but they got off to a flying start and could really cement their place as contenders with a victory here.

Pescara tactics

Sunderland are still missing Dichio and Johnston but could do with a win.

sunderland tactics

Pescara are on fire! They race into a two goal lead with a much loved beer making it 2-0. Bridges does reduce the arrears but it’s not enough for Sunderland who move very close to elimination.


Ravenna vs Port Vale

Two sides in good form meet to finish today’s matches. Ravenna got a great win at Ipswich and are unchanged for the visit of Port Vale.

Ravenna tactics

Port Vale’s injury problems continue. Musselwhite, the keeper, is still out and now Rogier Koordes is crocked too. Is this a step too far?

Port Vale Tactics

Masitto gives Ravenna an early lead but just as the Port Vale bubble looks to be burst, Gareth Ainsworth equalises and we all wonder what’s happened. Ravenna ponder this long into the second half so much so that Lee Mills sneaks in to score the winner. Good grief.


The table is a bit lopsided but Port Vale are very well placed. Of course the other English sides won’t have to play them so it’s not over yet. Pescara are the best placed of the Italian sides but it’s all to play for.

Table Part 1

Group A will be back in a few days. It’ll be Group B shenanigans tomorrow so I’ll see you then. Toodles for now.




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