Your #cm9798challenges for an Easter in lockdown

Hello! We had an extraordinary response to the first set of social distance challenges we set a few weeks ago. With a long weekend ahead of us, I’ve collated some of your efforts so that you can take inspiration from them. Hopefully it’ll help keep you occupied whilst stuck indoors!

Here’s the best of your #cm9798challenge tweets

1) Win the UEFA Cup with Ipswich

@mardukownsCM took on the challenge of trying to emulate Bobby Robson and winning the UEFA Cup with Ipswich. He’s doing remarkably well and reached the FA Cup final. Have a look through the Tweets to follow the story!

2) Win the double with Arsenal in the first season

Arsenal never win the league in the first season and they certainly don’t come close to the double. Could you do any better? @ChrisTavner tried…and succeeded! Check out that formation too.

3) Breaking into the top clubs in Serie A

@LM9798 decided to take the challenge of breaking the big clubs in Serie A. He chose Sampdoria and he did it…at a canter!


4) Once more from the bottom

Take your local club and put them in Division 3. @M_RY_7 has done this with Wealdstone. You got no fans? Was that him?

Fordy here also did it with Whitley Bay…

5) The LVG challenge

Our very own Nick Rowe has been taking on the LVG challenge. He’s started extremely well with Ajax dominating Holland. Bigger challenges will await…

6) World Cup 98

Another of our blog team, Matt Wills, wanted to right the wrong of Portugal not qualifying for World Cup 98. They have so much talent it’s perhaps no surprise they did qualify but how would the finals go?

7) Premier League challenge

We know what an unstoppable force Man Utd are in season one. Ross is making a good go of unsettling them with Liverpool but how about a club a but further down the league? @RJG8283 has made Aston Villa a title contender but…Spurs won the league? Right. Anyway, these sorts of challenges are fun as you have a bit of money to spend.

8) Here’s the story from A-Z

Some would say it’s the ultimate test. Can you get a full team of players who start with the same letter at a club with the same name…Pescara gaffer Deano (Anglo-Italian Cup) tried it with Cardiff. He’s thrown the towel in but I think it could be a laugh.

9) Retain the Champions League

Another challenge we set last time was to try and retain the Champions League with Borussia Dortmund. Our own Andrew gave it a go but it all felt apart in dramatic circumstances…

Can you do better?

10) One club one nationality

Quite an interesting idea here as @charlemaagne built an all Irish team with Hibs. Good fun!

Sam here is also trying it with Newcastle and a team of Frenchmen. We’ve been here before…where will you take over?

11) Partick Thistle potential

Funnily enough, the researcher who made Partick Thistle’s youngsters so good contacted me recently. He admits he possibly overrated their prospects. Anyway, they are a fun side to manage and the challenge was to make them fulfil that potential. Shane here did a pretty good job!

12) Zero to hero

Dan took a break from managing Ipswich in the Anglo-Italian Cup to take Stranraer up the Scottish Leagues and into Europe. Wonderful to start at the very bottom and go to the very top!

There are basically an infinite number of challenges. I’ve seen some games started in Belgium, Holland and Portugal just so new leagues and clubs can be tried. Whatever you do this weekend, stay safe and look after yourselves.

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