CM9798 Anglo-Italian Cup: Day 5 – Finals day

Well we’re here. One whole week of Anglo-Italian action boils down to this. We’ve got two semi-finals, putting the sides from the same country against each other, where the winners will qualify for the 2020 CM9798 Cup. There will then be a final to determine the winner, although that’s just for completeness.

Group A finalGroup B final

Pescara and Sheffield United earned themselves home ties by getting the most points from their country in the group stages. Let’s get to it.

Pescara vs Genoa

You know what I’m going to say about Deano and his Pescara team? Yep. Denmark. 1992. The late entrant stormed his group and now stands one game away from entry to the CM Cup. Not really the same, is it?

Pescara tactics

Nikolai has been tinkering again. He’s opted for a marauding central midfielder instead of two up front. More solid? Maybe. More ridiculous? You bet.

Genoa tactics

Well whatever it is, it certainly works. Genoa are already a goal ahead through Nappi (hehe) when Lamacchi is sent off for a last man handball. The mountain becomes ever higher when Pisano makes it 2-0 and even when Gelsi halves the deficit, it is the most temporary of reprieves. Nappi adds number two (you’re killing me) and it’s game over.

Full TIme

A reosunding result, the 10 men of Pescara were always going to be up against it. Congratulations to Nikolai who not only makes the final but secures a spot in the 2020 CM Cup.


Sheffield United vs Port Vale

Andrew is able to call on his first choice 11 for the visit of Port Vale.

Sheff Utd tactic

James is sticking with, in his own words, his shithouse tactics.

Port Vale tactics

It’s not pretty but it’s sort of effective. Sheff Utd have plenty of efforts but not many of them trouble Musselwhite. The game is drifting towards a potential replay at Vale Park but Petr Kachuro races through and finishes a 1 on 1 to ease the tension. Dean Saunders secures it with a header just 5 minutes later.

Full time

Well done to Andrew who is through to the final and will play in the 2020 CM Cup. A very one sided match in the end.


We’ll still play the final, because why wouldn’t we?

Sheffield United vs Genoa

Andrew is dealt a severe blow when Dean Saunders picks up an injury the day before the game. David White deputises.

Sheff Utd Tactics

Genoa are unchanged, unsurprisingly.

Genoa tactics

Whether it’s the formation or the calibre of players, it turns out to be a very one sided final. Once Pisano opens the scoring there is seemingly no way back. Morello’s double in the second half settles it – Nikolai and Genoa are the champions but we’ll see both these managers again next month.

Full time

Whether it was the absence of Saunders or just a contrast in styles, Genoa dominated from start to finish.


There we have it then, well done to Nikolai for being our Anglo-Italian Cup champion. I hope you’ve enjoyed this week, something a little bit different. The Retirement Home will be back tomorrow and then all the regular blogs will return next week. Thanks for reading and see you again soon.

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