Championship Manager Podcast – Episode 5: CM3, CM99/00 and CM00/01

Greetings! Just a quick interlude from all the CM Cup action to bring you this month’s Champ Man on the Post podcast. In this episode, Ross and I are talking the CM3 series with Ash (CM_Hints) and desperately trying to remember CM99/00 and CM00/01. I speak to Chris Darwen about his career in football writing which started with a book based on CM99/00 and then finally Adam Hurrey pops in to talk about his history with the game and his new podcast. You can download the episode here or there’s a full synopsis below.

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Dave and Ross are joined by Ash, aka CM_Hints or FPLHints. We discussed:

  • How excited we all were for CM3 and how it blazed a trail for the future of the series
  • The release date being March rather than nearer the start of the season
  • The new features CM3 had compared to CM2
  • Ash talks us through the game having been playing it recently
  • Brief chats about CM99/00 and CM00/01 but neither game hold any particularly strong memories for us.

Dave spoke to Chris Darwen about his journey from CM99/00 to Ronnie Dog Media.

  • Jonny Cooper Championship Manager books written using CM99/00
  • #wearethemanagers
  • Starting a football writing business
  • Total Football Analysis

Finally, Adam Hurrey (@footballcliches) spoke to Dave about his history with the game.

  • How it all started with CM
  • Starting footballcliches
  • Having his own podcast on The Athletic.

Enjoy the episode!

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