The CM9798 Lockdown Challenge – The Results

Good morning! It’s finally time to reveal the results of the CM9798 Lockdown Challenge.

I set you six challenges spanning 8 seasons, starting at Fulham and ending at Monaco via a detour of Spain. 60 of you entered and 20 of you stayed the course. So who was the winner?

This swanky table gives us the top 12

Thanks to Nick from @cmclassicsquads for the graphics!

Bonus graphic!

Well done to Paul, who had a frankly absurd challenge 6 to carve through the field and win the prize. What prize? Well you’ve won a print from Nick and a collection of 90s goods I have curated. We’ll be in touch.

Here are the results in full. It was a bit like the Grand National where some of the early leaders didn’t finish the course.

Thanks to everyone for embracing the task, I hope it provided some entertainment. My one regret is making challenge 6 so complicated, if I have missed you out I can only apologise. Who knows, if there’s enough demand I’ll do another one when we inevitably end up back in lockdown in January. Big thanks again to Nick for the brilliant graphics throughout!

My last post of the year will be tomorrow but season’s greetings to you all. It’s been a strange old year hasn’t it?

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  1. Thanks for creating this challenge, i started late and am only in about season 5, i wouldn’t have troubled the top 20 anyway. Thanks again!

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