Lockdown Challenge 2: Task 1

Greetings! The world is a terrible place at the moment and it feels like every day brings more bad news from across the globe. We can’t directly effect that or make it better but as many parts of the world are stuck indoors, all I can offer you is the solace of Championship Manager.

After the relative popularity of the first set of lockdown challenges at the end of 2020, I’m going to post a new challenge every Friday. With the help of Zak, we’ll keep the scores and the league table. All you have to do is submit a few screenshots. Where are we off for Task 1?

Obviously we’ll need to start a new game. I’d like you to load England, Italy and Germany. It’s Germany we’ll be starting in, where I’d like you to take over Borussia Dortmund. Why? They are the current Champions League holders but they’ve got a huge challenge on their hands to retain their trophy. They failed in real life but can you manage it?

Main Aim:
Win the Champions League with Dortmund (+150 points)

Other objectives:
Win the Bundesliga (+100 points)
Win the German Cup (+50 points)
Win the Super Cup (+50 points)
Win the World Club Cup (+50 points)
Sign Jurgen Klopp & make 20 appearances (+20 points)

You can sign up to three players (not including Klopp) for a combined total of no more than £5m.

Screenshots needed:

Any cup final screen
Final league table
Transfers in screen
Klopp’s career history.

Play until June 1st 1998. You have until Thursday at 6pm!

You can submit your answers on Twitter to @CM9798 and @cornishzak or by email to davetin9@gmail.com & zakbrockman@outlook.com

Good luck!

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