Lockdown Challenge 2: Task 2

Guten Morgen! That’s German for how do you do? Last time out I set you the task to take this Borussia Dortmund team and retain the Champions League and by Jove, some of you actually managed. Others did not. We’ll have more on the results and the very early league table later, but first I need to reveal how we’re going to mangle this great side.

Pretty much everybody agreed that this side is special and people have enjoyed utilising this great set of players. Well now the aim of the game is to dismantle them, yet keep winning. In years to come England will travel to Germany and win 5-1, so in a bid to overcome this the Borussia Dortmund powers wants to bring the English to Germany in a hope they’ll go easy on them when they meet in a World Cup 2002 qualifier. Ant & Dec are somewhat involved, the criminally underrated We’re on the Ball is an influence here

You will get points for:

+400 for winning Champions League (+200 for UEFA or Cup Winners Cup)
+300 for winning the Bundesliga
+100 for winning any other cup (excluding the stupid 6 team tournament it starts with)
+100 for every player sold for over £1m (excludes players signed after June 1st 1998)
+50 for every English player signed
+150 bonus for signing any of the following:
-Gary Neville
-Sol Campbell
-Rio Ferdinand
-Paul Scholes
-David Beckham
-Emile Heskey
-Michael Owen
+100 for evidence of fielding an all English 11 in any competitive game (once)

Needless to say, don’t be an arse an farm a load of free transfers only to release them. Let’s just say it’s -50 for any English players released on a free so it cancels off.

Screens needed:
Final league table
Any screen showing each cup success
Transfers in
Transfers out
Player ratings screen from a game where you field an all English 11

Play until June 6th 1999. You have until Thursday 21st January at 6pm, entries to Dave & Zak again please – @cm9798 & @cornishzak or by email davetin9@gmail.com & zakbrockman@outlook.com

League Table

Right, as ever huge thanks to Nick from @CMClassicsquads for taking his time out to provide us with graphics. Also, thanks to Zak for doing the bulk of the admin this time, I’ve slept for about 7 hours combined all week (don’t have kids if you like sleeping) so it’s fair to say this wouldn’t have happened with the Zak Attack.

Well done to early leaders Tommy and Champjourneyman who both got full houses. Klopp was the big sticking point for the majority, he wasn’t for sale in most people’s games. Weird how it works out but that’s the game.

As ever, if you want to submit after the deadline we’ll add you in next time, the deadlines are just so I don’t keep poor Nick up all night doing graphics for us.

Thanks for playing and stay safe.

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