Lockdown Challenge 2: Task 3

Guten Morgen! That’s German for good morning. You’ve been beavering away making Dortmund as English as you can with some sensational results. If you haven’t been singing We’re on the Ball all week, you aren’t doing it right. But as Lockdown rumbles on, we’ve got another new challenge for you but I don’t have a song for it. Yet.

It’s time to leave Germany. The German press are pretty unhappy with what’s going on at Dortmund, using their brilliant facilities to train up English talent has not gone down well. You need to resign immediately. It’s time to head to Italy where you can lie low for a little while.

Of course, it won’t be easy. I want you to take over in Serie B and get promoted at the first attempt. Here are the points:

-Take over a Serie B team by July 1st 1999. (+100 for being offered the job, otherwise add new profile)
-Get promoted in 99/00 (Champions +200, any other league position +100)
-Number of league goals scored (+number of goals scored)
-Sign Mick “The Micker” Quinn (+50 points)
-Every Micker goal (+10 points)
-Win Coppa Italia (+100 points)
-Every manager of the month (+20 points)

That’s it. Nothing complicated, just be the Kevin Keegan of Italy. With Mick Quinn. Please play until the Euro 2000 final but don’t run the end of season update.

One slight amendment, it seems the Micker has already retired for most of you so I will accept any other 35+ year old striker instead with the same points allocation.

Screens needed:
League table
Job offer
Mick Quinn history
Manager of the month screens

As ever, submit to myself and Zak on Twitter @CM9798 & @CornishZak or by email to davetin9@gmail.com & zakbrockman@outlook.com

With that in mind, let’s see how the league table is progressing:

League Table

It’s a double Reay of light at the top of the table, the most fearsome brothers since Kane & The Undertaker are leading the way. Tommy managed to sign every member of the On the Ball squad, which is brilliant.

All credit to @CMclassicsquads for the graphics

The full table…

Thanks to Zak for keeping the scoreboard ticking over, he’s done all the leg work here.

Have fun and stay safe everyone.

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