Lockdown Challenge 2: Task 4

Welcome back! It’s time for challenge four. After the disappointment that Mick Quinn had called it a day in most of your saves, I admire the resourcefulness in finding other 35 year old strikers to fill the void. Serie B was a mixed bag for you all, so it’s time to put you under pressure further. Is that a clue? Let’s find out.

First thing you’ll need to do is add yourself in as the Republic of Ireland manager (manager name should be Mick McCarthy). They are known as Eire in the game as I’m sure you know. Do this after Euro 2000, it doesn’t matter when particularly. You’ll be tasked with getting them to the 2002 World Cup, something they managed in real life so no pressure. You won’t be able to qualify this season as the campaign will finish in season 5, but you’ll get points for wins as outlined below. Yes, it is very similar to the Northern Ireland element of the previous lockdown challenge and yes, ideas are a bit thin on the ground.

At club level, we haven’t finished in Italy. Your job is done with your Serie B side, but I quite fancy somebody winning the UEFA Cup. Take over at a team from Serie A who will be playing in the UEFA Cup next season – it should be the teams who finished 3rd – 6th. If you can do this via a job offer before August 1st, you can have a 250 point bonus (hefty yes but it really is quite a niche chance). Otherwise, it’s a new profile.

I just want winners, ok? Win the UEFA Cup. Win everything else too. And do it with World Cup winners. You’ll get 50 points for every World Cup winner you sign – forget about 1998 as that’s going to be different for you all. I’m talking any of these West Germany players from 1990 or these Brazilians from 1994. I suppose it is also possible there are some from Argentina 1986 but surely not many. They must be in your squad at the end of the season count up for them to be included.

-Every World Cup qualifying point with Eire (x10 points e.g. 6 points = 60 points)
-Take over Serie A club in UEFA Cup (+250 points for job offer)
-Win the UEFA Cup (+500 points)
-Win Serie A (+400 points)
-Win Coppa Italia (+250 points)
-Every World Cup winner signed (+50 points)
-Failure to win the UEFA Cup (-500 points)


Play until the date of Eire’s last fixture (and play it), it should be June 2001 but the exact date may vary. Don’t run the end of season update though.

Screens needed:
Eire World Cup Qualifying Group after June 2001 fixtures
Screens of any cups won
Final league table
History of any World Cup winners signed
UEFA Cup final

Submissions to @cm9798 & @cornishzak on Twitter or by email to davetin9@gmail.com and zakbrockman@outlook.com

Good luck! Now let’s look at the standings.

League Table

Charlemagne took the lead with a late submission for challenge 2 and has out performed Kane & Undertaker on challenge 3. It is his to lose?

Thanks to @cmclassicsquads

The full league table…

Of course it can all change as these tasks get more wild. Creativity 20 over here. It sounds like Lockdown is going to be extended so we’ll see what we can come up with to stop the low descent into madness. Zak is doing a grand job as ever, thank you for keeping this ticking amidst homeschooling, working and writing for CM0102Blogs.

Look after yourselves and speak soon.

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