CM9798 Lockdown Challenge 2: Task 5

Welcome back! Lockdown challenge 5 is on the way today which is actually the penultimate challenge as Zak and I optimistically thought lockdown might be over after 6 weeks. Anyway, prepare yourselves for something very different next week. In the here and now though, we’ll tally up your task 4 scores later on but first, let’s see what nonsense I’ve lined up for you this week.

It’s time to head home. You’ve done great work in Germany and Italy but you miss the British life. It’s too hot for you in Italy, face it, you miss the cold weather. Also you want to be closer to Dublin, it’s a big year ahead for the Irish with that qualifying campaign coming to a close.

Here’s what we want from you.

Qualify Republic of Ireland for the 2002 World Cup (+100)

Once you are there:

Group stage: +10 for every point
Lose in last 16: +50 points
Lose in last 8: +100 points
Lose in last 4: +250 points
Win World Cup: +500 points

Domestically, you need to be offered any job in England in any division before September 1st 2001. (No job offer by September 1st – Add yourself in for 0 points)

The catch is that by May 30th 2002 your squad should all start with the same first letter of surname. You have 32 spaces. You will be docked 100 points for any squad spaces left vacant or taken by a different letter.

For performance:
Champions/Promoted: +300 points
Top 4 +200 points
Top 6: +100 points
Any other: 0 points

We’re taking the surname as what appears on the screen. For example De Goey would be D and not G. Also in the case of “Ronaldo” or “Rai” that is their surname even if they don’t have a forename. I’ve said any division in England because your manager profiles will all be at different levels and it might have ended up with the rich getting richer if you know what I mean. I will allow your Mick Mc profile to be used for job offers also.

Screens needed:

Job offer
Final league table
Squad at 30th May 2002
Eire World Cup Qualifying Table
Eire World Cup Group table
Last World Cup match

As ever, please send in your entries to Zak & I by any of the following methods:

Twitter: @cm9798 and @cornishZak (DM or tag us both)
Email: &

You have until Thursday 11th February at 6pm to play until the 2002 World Cup final. Good luck!

League Table

Previous leader CharleMagne had a nightmare with Inter and has tumbled down to 6th. Bubba Reay and Daveon have taken their opportunity, well Bubba has at least. Dave has yet to submit but sits poised in 10th. Lockdown 1 winner Paul Redfern is up to second and lurks ominously waiting for a slip up.

Thanks to @CMclassicsquads for the league table

The full “no frills” league table:

Thanks as ever to Zak and Nick for their help with statistics and graphics, the show wouldn’t go on without them. Stay safe and see you all next week!

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