CM9798 Lockdown Challenge 2: Task 6

Welcome! We’ve been through a lot together. We started in Germany, made Dortmund quite English before moving to Italy. That was fun, so after getting promoted from Serie B I demanded UEFA Cup success from you. Then we came home to oversee an Irish World Cup campaign. How do you follow that? Deep breath. Don’t hate me. I think it’s bad news for the English game.

We’re going back to 1995. Yes, really. I want you to win Euro 96. I think deep down inside, you want to win Euro 96. We should have won Euro 96 and by crikey, we just might be able to now.

Thanks to Nick+Co from the CM0102 Forum, it is very easy to play CM2 (95/96). So easy in fact I’ve put together a guide which can be accessed here. You can download the game here. The download isn’t hosted by me but I’ve checked with Nick and he’s happy for us to use it.

Seeing as we’re going back to 95/96 I also want you to win the Anglo-Italian Cup. What’s that you ask? Well it was what you to pass as fun for a time, where 8 second tier English sides would take on 8 second tier Italian sides in a bizarrely convoluted format. All you need to do is pick one of those 8 English sides and let the good times roll.


In short, here’s your task list:

Download and play CM2 (+50 points)
Add yourself in as England manager (Manager name must be Terry Venables). I don’t care when you do this as they have nothing but friendlies until June. It’s up to you if you want to use the friendlies to try things out.
Win Euro 96 (+1000 points)
Lose in final (+500 points)
Lose in semi-final (+300 points)
Lose in Quarter final (+200 points)
+10 for every group stage point.
Group Stage exit (0 points)

Club Level
Take over any of the clubs competing in the Anglo-Italian Cup
Win the Anglo-Italian Cup (+500 points)
Be promoted from Division 1 (+500 points)
Top 6 finish (no promotion) (+200 points)
Top 12 finish (+100 points)
Points for number of league goals scored.
Sign Scott Lindsey and play 20+ games (+50 points – you’ll see why)

If you’re in any doubt how to find out who is in the Anglo-Italian go to Competition Info > English Competition > Minor Competitions > Anglo-Italian Cup. I’m not sure how consistent it is from save to save.

Lovely stuff. In conclusion, here are the screenshots we need:

Euro 96 Group
Last Euro 96 match
Final Division 1 League Table
Scott Lindsey career
Anglo-Italian Cup Final (if applicable)

Sent to both Zak and I by Twitter @CM9798 & @cornishzak or by email &

Yes, I know it’s not CM9798 but it might be a laugh to go into the unknown for a week.

I believe there is an announcement about what (if any) changes are coming for restrictions on the 22nd so if we’re still no better off I will look at a third set of tasks if there is demand.

Let’s take a look at the standings heading into the final week

League Table

It’s all going on at the top of the table. Bubba Reay is back at the top despite a fairly average challenge 5. He’s undoubtedly been helped by Daveon not submitting yet whilst Paul Redfern could also take top spot with even a mediocre showing. Exciting. Well done to Jan and Nick for actually winning the World Cup with Eire, scenes we never thought we’d see.

Thanks to Nick from @CMclassicsquads as ever for the table

The no frills table is brought to you by Zak.

Many thanks as ever to Zak for doing the vast majority of the scoring and Nick for the brilliant graphics. We’ve had a blast running these tasks for you and I hope you’ll forgive us for being a little adventurous with task 6. Good luck!

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