CM9798 Lockdown Challenge 2: The Results

It’s been a fiercely contested lockdown challenge. We started in Germany. We made Dortmund very English. We fled to Serie B. We demanded UEFA Cup success. We wanted you to put the world under pressure with the Republic of Ireland. We tore the rule book up and took you back to 95/96 to bring football home. Some of you did it all. Some of you were less successful. But we all had a great time, so we’re all winners. But in another, more accurate way, there is only one winner and I’ll reveal the results…right now.

So then, the original CM2 is absolutely insane. Goals everywhere. Success in this challenge was ultimately found by managers who adopted a tactic that even Kevin Keegan would wince at. Green_Windmill had a particularly good time.

That was the highest score of the round which perhaps isn’t a surprise. However, it wasn’t enough to win him the title, Windy Miller finishing 4th and just outside of the medal positions.

The battle at the top has been between the Dudley Boyz throughout but the International scene was not particularly kind to Daveon, who has to settle for 7th. However, Bubba Ray came back from a disappointing Irish campaign to win bring football home and secure top spot with actually the second highest score of the round. Well done Tommy Reay, the champion.

Courtesy of @CMClassicsquads

No frills time again!

Jari in second came through very strong in the last three challenges but just fell short. If you do submit late we’ll be happy to add your score on!

That just about does us for this series. It’s been a blast – as ever, thanks to Zak for administering it all. It’s my ramblings on a Friday but Zak does most of the hard work through the week, updating the scores and generally reminding you all of the deadlines. It’s fair to say this wouldn’t have happened with him!

Thanks again to Nick for all the graphics – the man is a genius and you should definitely check out his Etsy store for *checks calendar* Mother’s Day? Any day. A Lockdown treat.

Lastly of course the thanks goes to all of you. Whether you played it all, some of it or just joined in with the banter it’s been great fun and I hope we achieved what we set out to do, which was giving you something to get stuck into during a time where we can’t really do an awful lot else. I know from your messages that a number of you have really enjoyed these and that’s great to hear – I believe there’s an announcement next week over what’s happening with restrictions so maybe there will be a part 3. Unfortunately I know Zak’s free time is coming to a close whilst I am about to move house, which let me tell you is an absolute laugh a minute during a pandemic with a toddler.

Anyway, I digress. If you enjoyed the CM2 madness make sure you check out, a venture KOTR and I have started which we’re both enjoying getting stuck into. If you enjoyed the experience enough to write a couple of hundred words about it as a review, that would also be tremendously useful.

Look after yourselves and I’m sure we’ll speak soon.


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