2022 CM Cup – The Final (and 3rd place playoff): Simply the Best

Good day and happy weekend! The journey reaches the end today as the 2022 CM Cup reaches a conclusion. Firstly we’ll have the 3rd place playoff and then it’s the main event: The final between Croatia and Argentina.

3rd Place Playoff – Italy vs Portugal

Nobody really cares about finishing 3rd, highlighted by Negri playing up front in this one.

Rob continues with the usual lineup but with Domingos up top.

A brilliant start sees the two teams exchange goals in the first 2 minutes. Sadly that is the peak of the action and we end up having penalties to decide who get the bronze medal. After 9 penalties, only Domingos has missed and Negri has the chance to win the game…and he blazes over! On we go and ultimately Di Livio misses after Fernando Couto converts and Portugal is bronze.

Probably deserved on the balance of play.

Beto gets man of the match after playing the perfect 10.

Well then, final time. Let’s take a look at the honour roll first…

2021: Dave Mathieson

2020: Rob Tait

2019: Ross Bell

2018: FPL Hints (Ash)

2017: Winkveron (Dan)

The Final: Croatia vs Argentina

Obviously Deano is unchanged, this has been a winning formation so far against the odds in some cases.

Likewise Stu, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it.

The cat is amongst the pigeons! Stimac heads Croatia ahead after 15 minutes and the football world is on tenterhooks. Argentina just can’t get a foothold in the game and if anything it looks more likely to go 2-0. Argentina dig deep though and it’s Hernan Crespo who equalises after 64 minutes, followed by Batistuta just a minute later making it 2-1. Coatia won’t lie down though and Boksic levels it up on 69. Oo-er. There’s a taste for goals now and Crespo pokes Argentina ahead on 74 before Redondo seals it on 80. What a final!

Croatia were outstanding, wayward finishing has cost them dear.

Ladic was a bit of a hero in the semis but no such heroics here, unlike the Argentina goalkeeper.

Stu gets the trophy and of course a place on the honour roll. Looks like he was watching Friends at the time too, could he be any happier?

That ends that. Thank you all for engaging with the Cup this year, participants or readers it’s really appreciated. It takes quite a lot of sorting out – editing, playing, writing – so to know it has been read by somebody other than me is all the gratification I need.

Well done Stu for winning and congratulations to all who took part, it was a fantastic tournament to administer. I’m off to be a father of two. See you in a bit.

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