What’s your Beath? Part 10: European Tour

Hello, did you miss me? It’s been a while since we were last in Cowdenbeath. Let me catch you up…The World Cup happened, so did Christmas, the blog turned 8 and my daughter was born on Tuesday. Back to business now though and Cowdenbeath are going on a European tour! Here’s how we achieved such greatness…

Nothing sums up how big our task is if we want to get into the top 2. Celtic sign Leandro.

Rangers add Rui Costa

We tie 39 year old Mick Quinn down to a new 2 year contract.

Anyway, let’s get some old lads in. Daveeeeeed.

Bilic and his guitar are next to arrive.

Preliminary!? Goodness me the Scottish coefficient must be abysmal. We finished 3rd and now we’ve got to play in 9 days.

Just a reminder of the dealings so far. As ever we’re rattling around in the bargain bin.

This German fellow has reasonable stats but whether he is any good or not remains to be seen.

Here’s what we have for the opener.

With Coote out the obvious choice is the Micker to partner Dale. Curcic should in theory thrive in his role as the fulcrum of the team.

BVSC are not good. I don’t know who they are to be fair and we pepper them with minimal reward. Still, we got there in the end.

28 shots…2 goals.

The return leg is similar but the Micker scores twice and through we go.

Roda is a tough first round draw. They’ve a full squad so immediately we’re on the back foot.

And now you might as well relegate us. Do Liverpool really need the Cooteyman?

We start with a maddening 3-3 draw at Pittodrie. We lead three times and throw it away. Hopefully not a sign of things to come.

This is a hard earned result. An away goal is priceless in 2001 (and worthless now) but it gives us a chance in the return leg.

There he goes…

We’re in total control in this cup game at 2-0 but then the keeper gets sent off and I don’t waste a sub spot on one. Luckily they miss the penalty and only score one in the last 10 minutes. Phew.

The first Old Firm clash of the season sees us go 3-0 down to Rangers after just 35 minutes. That’s not surprising when the likes of Denilson are scoring but ex-Cowdenbeath loanee Gattuso stings a little. I shared my puddin’ wit you. Anyway Mark Hughes junior goes off injured and possibly coincidentally starts a comeback. First Dale and then Rod Wallace makes it really interesting but alas, it’s a heroic defeat.

With Coote long gone and with Philip J Fry also out injured, we’re short of firepower for the Roda second leg. Curcic gets his first goal for the club to level but we come up well short on the night. Our European adventure is over before it’s really begun.

This is going really well! The lovely Scottish FA give us two days to get over that defeat before we have to play Hearts away in the Cup. Somehow we dig deep enough to come from behind to win.

Another tough draw awaits us, probably in about 6 hours.

Right, let’s freshen up this squad. Here’s a wingback for £400k.

Here’s a young boy who can play attacking midfield.

Lozano is as close to a good signing as we’ll ever get. He’ll do.

The search for a centre forward continues but Rod Wallace can do it for now seeing as we have able attacking midfielders now.

There he is, scoring twice. Easy this management lark. Hot Rod gets two after Dale eventually breaks Stenhousemuir down.

Siri, show me the SPL in a nutshell

Oh for the love of…

They might have Henry but we have Rodney Wallace. What a man. Hibs defeated.

Oh Rodney. Thankfully it’s the International break so he can rest up.


Back to the action now and somehow we just keep finding goals despite a distinct lack of talent. The damage was done in 22 minutes this time, Harold Lozano with his first goals for the club.

There he goes.

We celebrate his departure with a healthy win in the cup. Lozano has got the bug now (the scoring bug, not whatever Rod had)

Howay Montrose.

It was all going really well. This is a poor performance and we are badly punished by Mcauley Colkin.

Right I’ve had enough for this week. The squad is in a better place, I think, but we now have £2m in the bank to fund new and exciting players. We are still the best of the rest…

A mixed bag of a start to the season. We’ve blown Europe but signed Harold Lozano. Swings and roundabouts. See you next week.

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