Gould, Silva & Dons

Every now and again this game does something out of the ordinary that raises a chuckle. Obviously Bobby Gould got his marching orders, the poor sod always does, but Wales decide to bring in former Brazil manager Carlos Alberto Silva

Wales manager

I’m all for it as it allows me to bring out this delicious pun of a post title. There is a World Cup at the end of the first season (which can make for a good short term game if you have a few hours to kill) but Wales won’t be in it.

This game also loves a long term injury, poor Sir Les is the victim this time

Sir Les

Sol Campbell signs for Atletico Madrid, whilst Edgar Davids fast forwards and signs for Barcelona several years ahead of schedule. The Spanish League has a September deadline which sees a flurry of activity before they all save up for Christmas (or something).

Meanwhile things at Wimbledon have improved slightly, though not much. I’ve brought in CM stalwart Robert Page to shore up the defence along with Man Utd academy hero Chris Casper. I’ve raided the lower leagues for Sean Devine of Barnet to score the goals and snapped up a couple of youth prospects too for good measure. After 10 games, we’re a healthy 16th (4 points clear of relegation) and through to the next round of the league cup after knocking out Wolves. The highlight of the season so far is this win at Highbury:

arsenal dons

Mulryne is already my new hero. Quick check on the manager of the month awards, some great history in here:

september 97

Great to see Nigel Spackman killing it at Sheff Utd, I’m sure you’ll agree.

During a riveting 1-0 win over West Ham I noticed another player I forgot to mention in an earlier post who is still playing now. A fairly obvious one but even at a young age CM had him pegged (except the right midfield lark)

lampard 97

The night ends with Tony Pulis being dismissed by Gillingham. Could have done us all a huge favour if that happened more frequently. England are about to go and play in Rome for World Cup qualification, so hopefully Baddiel & Skinner won’t need to re-write Three Lions 98 but you wouldn’t bet against it.

Until then…

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