5 Players with inexplicable positions in CM97/98

The CM 97/98 database is brilliant, all things considered it is very accurate. Sure, the odd player has a potential rating far higher than they turned out in real life, but that is always going to happen (and has continued to do so for years since).

However, in this entry I take a look at five players that CM pegged slightly differently to what you might expect.

Robbie Savage is a right w…inger

SavageRobbie Savage made his name as a tough tackling midfielder, with a penchant for winding up opposition fans and players. Back in 1997 though and this young Welsh ruffian was clearly down as being some sort of wing wizard, with 20 for pace and dribbling. Thankfully, for everybody, it didn’t turn out that way.

I’ll play anywhere for you boss


Quite literally. It was decided that Niclas Alexandersson could play every position, one of only two players in the game with this capability. Luis Enrique is the other, but as he was generally pretty darn good, we’ll let him off.

Big Nobby

NobbyNobby Solano will be fondly remembered for his displays on the right side of Newcastle’s midfield for the best part of 8 years, however CM saw things a little differently. For you see, 5 foot 9 inch Solano was pencilled in as a centre half in 1997. That set piece stat of 10 is a little disappointing too, fortunately Kenny Dalglish didn’t scout using CM 97/98 and signed Solano midway through the season as a midfielder.

Harte of the midfield

harteWe all know Ian Harte as that loveable pen taking full back, but back in 97 Harte was a scheming midfielder, apparently. Who knows if Harte did fancy himself in the middle of the park, but looking at those stats, very few would.

You’ve got to hold and give

BarnesI always remember John Barnes as the tricky winger scoring that goal in the Maracana. That and his rapping, we all remember that. When a 33 year old Barnes turned up at Newcastle in 1997, Barnes found himself playing pretty much up front and was actually the club’s top scorer that season. Not in the eyes of CM. Barnes was a holding midfielder, a calming influence, with beautiful technique and no aggression. Or tackling ability. Yes, these are the stats of a number 10, but why let that get in the way of anything?

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  2. Barnes had just moved from Liverpool to Newcastle that summer before CM9798 was released and in his latter days at Liverpool he was a deep-lying playmaker, playing in the centre of mid and basically playing akin to how you describe him there. They’d presumably expected him to play that role for Newcastle when they made the game.

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