Helping or Hindering?

I’ve been back in England for most of the 02/03 season, and after an initial honeymoon period, things have turned a bit sour for me at Leeds. It’s not a disaster, but it’s not as good as I would have liked. On the plus side, I’m building a decent side and if the board are patient, I might be on to something. Here’s how 2003 is treating me.

My league form is atrocious, even Joe Kinnear is getting one over me

spurs 1 - 0 leeds

It would be that man Heskey too, who to be fair is now a 1 in 2 striker. Spurs are pushing the top end of the table and the unthinkable is..well kind of thinkable.

Meanwhile it’s all kicking off for Brian Little

brum derby loss

Hot on the heels of losing Robbie Fowler, maybe it’s all falling apart for Brian. Mind you, I can’t talk, it’s one disaster after another. Out of the FA Cup at the 4th round, the UEFA Cup might add some solace. Wrong.

UEFA Cup QF 03 results

I’ve never liked the away goals rule. The problem I’m having is that we don’t score as many as I would like and we concede plenty. I’ve also set about making the squad my own, including this chap

beckham to leeds

He’ll never amount to anything. Also, my old pal from Wimbledon and Auxerre has come to help out

page to leeds

Him and Scimeca will make a dream team. Speaking of Wimbledon, the half dozen fans who travelled to this one will have given me pelters. Thankfully, Andy Gray dug me out of this hole.

leeds dons

No, not that Andy Gray. It’s all getting a bit weird anyway, Wimbledon you may remeber are now managed by Dave Bassett, after John Toshack went to Arsenal. Well, watch this unfold

arsenal sack toshack

Oneil to Arsenal

toshack to leicester

Job swap. If that’s not enough, there’s the usual array of transfers going on

nesta barca vieri to man utd

Never one to be left out, I finally get my hero to the club

west shearer swap

He might be coming to the end of his career but hopefully he can solve my problems. I doubt it though. Overall I’ve ripped the squad to bits and it should make for a decent season next year.

Leeds ins Leeds outs

It’s no wonder we can’t win, half the lads probably don’t know each other. On the plus side, we do have a cup final to attend. Might even get my suit on for the trip to Wembley

LC Semis 03

Gordon Milne’s Chelsea will give us a game. Here’s how the table looks at the end of March

prem top 03 prem bottom 03

It’s really gotten quite grim, we’re no better off than when I took over. But we will be fine. Kevin Keegan’s Blackburn, however, might not be. Dave Bassett’s Wimbledon have no chance.

For those interested, here’s the FA Cup semis

FA Cup Semis 03

Bloody Kinnear. And finally, the Champions League semis

CL semis

Man Utd are perenially in the semi finals, maybe this could be their year?

So join us next time where we’ll find out if I’m going to wear a full suit for a video game, if I can remember the lyrics to abide with me and hopefully at the end of it all not get relegated.

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